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    Default puppy food

    wet food vs dry food or both?

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    I feed raw and kibble
    He has done really werll on it and what the breeder recommended.
    We use holistic select.
    However, now he is 6 mths we are switching to vets all natural

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    Wet food as a general rule, is utter crap. Just my humble opinion. I feed dry. Would feed raw also if my dog wasn't allergic to meat protein.

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    I agree that can 'wet' food is pretty.. crap. It's full of preservatives, maybe even colors and flavors depending on the brand.

    I feed my dog Black Hawk in the mornings and raw chicken/beef at night One of the healthiest diets you could possibly have a dog on.
    I'm also a fan of Nutro kibble, it'd be what I'd get if I had to stop feeding BH for what ever reason.

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    We have not long adopted a pug cross and I'm wondering what we should be feeding him. We've ben giving him the vet suggested dry food but wondering if I should be introducing some raw beef or chicken as well?

    He's pretty smelly too despite weekly baths so wondering if diet could have something to do with that?

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    Hi 'Banjo' and to the forum ! You snuck in very quietly !

    Would love to see a photo of your pup ! How old and what is the cross ?

    The smell could be food related.

    Have you had your pup to the vet to be checked out ? I always do this with any new pup I have.

    There are quite a few threads on this forum dealing with the areas that you have mentioned – so have a good look around.

    Here are a few links for you to start you off:



    Good Luck !

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