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    is it better to go to puppy school or have a trainer/behaviourist come over? he's 12 weeks old and on my visit to the vet he showed signs of fear and aggression towards other dogs and people but it could be just a puppy thing.

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    What sort of dog is he. Our puppy preschool was fantastic , it was run by a very experienced veterinary nurse in the practice. There were a couple of problematic puppies and she handled it well while also informing the owners of the signs of behaviours and what to look for. She was also very clear about what sort of behaviours were unacceptable and needed curtailing urgently.
    I learned heaps and recommend it to everyone I come across with a puppy.
    Having said that I know some are useless so you will need to do some homework.

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    I'd recommend puppy school because it worked so well for me. My guy was so timid and hid under my chair for the first class. By the end he was king of the class room and the teachers pet. Give it a go for sure !!

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    The best way to find a puppy preschool or dog training place (or a place that trains people to train dogs) is by word of mouth - getting people you know to recommend people or going to the local park and asking the people with the best behaved dogs where they went. Or ask your vet. I took Frosty to the puppy preschool run by our local vet and it was great fun.

    This article is about how you choose a puppy school.
    Puppy Schools, the good, the bad and the ugly | Blog by K9 Pro and Steve Courtney Dog Training

    Personally I'd avoid places that encourage the use of slip collars, or ban the use of food rewards, and don't know anything about reward based training. I'd run from places who are inspired by or followers of Cesar Milan's methods. Unless you'd like your dog to bite you out of fear, frustration and anger.

    this one is about how to choose a dog trainer (or a people trainer)
    How to Choose a Dog Trainer | Steve Courtney Dog Training

    Definitely look for someone willing to work with methods you are prepared to use. If they're advocating doing something you wouldn't do - it's too embarrassing or you don't want to hurt your dog - you might want to find someone else. I would avoid people that want me to hurt my dog. Punishment has been shown in many studies now - to be harmful and not the most effective or fastest way to help your dog learn anything.
    Love your child punish your dog | Positive Police Dogs

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    so puppy schools are bad?

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    Bad puppy schools are bad.

    Good puppy schools are essential or great or the best thing for you and your dog.

    The trick is knowing the difference and picking a good one. That's what the article is supposed to help with. Or you could just ring up K9pro and ask them to recommend one in your area.

    The worst thing you can do - depending on your dog - is keep it away from all other dogs while it is little. That way it doesn't learn any doggy manners while it still has a "puppy licence" (older dogs are more forgiving with rude puppies).

    But at the same time you must protect your puppy from bad experiences with other dogs. Make sure you get permission from the other owner for your dog to say hello. It's ok for them to say no - that helps protect your dog from an old and grumpy dog or one that's injured and likely to lash out at other dogs or any dog for what ever reason isn't likely to enjoy interacting with your puppy.

    Do your best to train your puppy to be polite around other dogs, eg I ask mine for a drop. And I don't allow her to greet if she's pulling at the end of the lead. She has to hold a calm sit or drop to be allowed to say hello.

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    As others have said – ‘Not all puppy schools - neither are a good experience – nor are all of them a bad experience’.

    So, you need to do your homework !

    I have never done a vet run puppy school. I have concentrated on the dog training school and what sort/type of training they do later on. I have been lucky in my choices over the years – that the training schools I liked – also ran puppy classes.

    What you have to remember are the peak socialization ages for pups:

    If you have missed them – it is not the end of the world – but - it just means you, the owner have to do a hell of a lot more training with your pup !

    Socialisation for your pup in a controlled situation is what you should be aiming for !

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