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    Smile General puppy questions

    Hi there

    I have a 3month old StaffyxCattle pup named Tasha. She is very energetic and ballsy, sometimes barks at the next doors neighbors full grown dog. Lol.
    I just have some general questions regarding her. For instance: Is it ok to keep her outside the majority of the day, and by that I don't mean completely outside she has the laundry to retreat to with her bed. She has fresh water and fed twice a day. She has a lot of space out back and plenty of toys. Ive noticed the consensus is not to keep puppies outside but I only do it because she keeps jumping up on my 2yr old and scratches her. Sometimes bites too but playfully. I want to keep her distance from my daughter until shes a bit more trained. Ofcourse even my toddler loves her so much and lets her in all the time haha. I didn't do my research before buying Tasha, it was a spur of the moment thing, saw her at the pet shop fell in love, didn't think rationally etc. In hindsight I should have waited a bit longer until my daughter Abbi was older but it's too late now, and we can't imagine giving Tasha up we are definitely attached. I feel bad though leaving her outside. Shes used to it now only whimpers sometimes, but I put her out purely for the safety of Abbi. Is this ok? Or must I let her back inside will it make her an upset dog and clingy or independent?

    Also when she bites we grab her muzzle and put her head to the ground. Is this ok? We sometimes smack her but only if shes really naughty, is that ok also?
    And finally she is a bit bored and destructive which is totally understandable even though I try to walk her everyday or second she just has too much energy. Are there any special toys you could recommend for a very active dog?

    Looking forward to the replies thank you

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    i dont htink there is anythign wrong with having an outside dog, although i think your reasons behind it may need adjusting (for lack of a better term)

    you want your pup to grow up with your kids, so you need to train them both at once, what is acceptable for the pup and for the kids.

    all pups will bite, its your jobs to teach when its ok too and how hard.....

    heaps of info on that.

    i personally dont believe in smackiong a dog, i dont think it teaches them anything, but each to their own
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    We also have a cattle/staffy cross and it is not the ideal combination, lucky we have no young children.
    She was a horror for jumping up also, I would grab her collar and drop her/ hold her until she stopped struggling
    when calm I would stroke her gently and let her go.

    Buy a cheap leash and cut it short after tying a good size knot in it. You want to be able to grab her easily.

    I always rewarded good calm behaviour, she was/is biddable will listen intently when spoken to softly.
    You can use food rewards if you like but she responds very well to praise and a quick cuddle.
    Basic obedience is very important. Sit, stay, come, give, go to your mat/bed.
    A crate would be a good idea,then the pup can spend time indoors with you.
    The crate will be her little private den, when she is in there she can have her chewies, bones,cow hooves etc
    You will need a lot of chewy material for her. Ask for a sit, give the chewy, go to your bed (the crate).
    Train your child to leave her alone when she is in her crate. It is her place of peace and privacy.
    Close the door if need be.

    There are other members here who can expand on this at length.
    Remember, your puppy wants to please you and is trying to be good.
    If pup is inside with you there will be many more opportunities to practice obedience and good manners.
    Dogs left outside all the time do get destructive and often become nuisance barkers due to boredom.

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    I agree with the others that training her to have good manners around your family can be done much faster and more effectively when she is inside lots so you have lots of opportunities to enforce good behaviour and discourage the bad.

    I too had a jumper/scratcher/nipper. (Kelpie/staffy, must be something about that type of mix?!) I finally found a way to get her out of jumping on my daughter and me when we came home, and that pretty much solved that issue quite quickly. But my daughter was already 6 and it was fairly easy to get her to follow the rules too. I tried lots of things to discourage our dog from jumping up on others, which was way more complicated. In the end the only thing that worked for us was to spray her in the face with a spray bottle. I found that if I tried to pull her off and restrain her and stuff, she seemed to interpret the kerfuffle that caused as encouragement rather than a deterrent. It just wasn't working for us. And neither were positive reinforcement methods. But I only have to show her the spray bottle and she keeps all fours neatly on the floor now when we have visitors.

    Time out is another method you could try for that kind of over the top behaviour. Pretty much the same as using the naughty corner with a toddler, only you have to react immediately so they link the deed to the consequence and I found that 30-60 seconds worked best before I let my dog out to show me she could do better. You could also walk out of the room yourself instead, but that may be a bit more difficult with a toddler in tow.

    Your pup is still toddler herself though. And they can be really full on when young. I haven't done any crate training with my dogs, but it sounds like a great solution. Lots of experienced dog people here use them.

    And definitely do lots of basic training. I like using treats because it's very black and white. You can even measure the value of your reward by giving two or more treats for extra good responses for example. And just having the treat bag clipped on will make the pup pay more attention to you. Using a clicker can be helpful too, I found. Do a Google for Kikopup if you want to see some great examples. She has lots of awesome puppy training videos that deal with all the most common issues, including jumping and biting. I highly recommend her, and her dogs are all adorable and super well trained.

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    Awesome! Thank you all soo much for the replies. Training her to come inside go outside so the door can just be left open. Will endeavor to have her inside more too. The crate idea I may definitely consider and the spray bottle I'll start that now!. Thanks

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