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Thread: Thunderstorm on way. How can I help my 12 week puppy?

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    I took brock out the front and sat and watched a thunderstorm go over when he was about 12 weeks old. Has never been a problem

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    My previous dog got worse and worse as she got older. It got so bad that she started getting really jumpy over any loud sound, like the neighbours slamming a door or similar. But I can't remember what she was like when she was 1 when I got her really.

    Banjo doesn't seem to care. Even thunder that makes me jump barely get a reaction out of her.

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    Thank you to everyone for all your advice. However it was the bloody storm that never was. One thunderclap that was all. To think I didn't go to my gym class especially so I could be at home to support and train Roley to be calm. Oh well I'll have to wait for the next one now lol

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    Chuckling here northolt! Gotta love the way our pups change our daily lives

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