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Thread: Breeding issue

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    Question Breeding issue

    Hi guys firstly i am new . i firstly want to say thanks for letting me join. I hope to learn lots and lots from you guys.
    Ok so i have an issue. (i have never bred pups nor have the intention to) i have two Rottweilers my self. One male 12 months old and one female 5 months old. Both will be fixed up. My male is a registered dog with the AKC. I was approached by a lady last week letting me know her bitch was in season and if she could use my male to breed. I told her she can but i don’t guarantee he will “do the job” as his just a baby. Now she’s in her 14 day of her heat and his not showing a great deal of interest. She’s backing up to him and his sniffing and licking her but he wont do anything else.
    My first question is. Is he not ready yet? (too young) as he only turned 1 year last Friday.
    Secondly, his had a hard life before we got him, he was beaten and his timid, would that have any impact on him?
    Thirdly this woman is crazy about her dog , so tries to force him to sniff her even tries to force him to jump her.. that was my final straw. I said bring her back tomorrow if his not interested his not going to do the job. But i wanted to seek some advice from some people who do breed. My males been vet checked hip scored , you name it his had it. Cost me $1500 just for my own peace of mind that he was sound enough to even breed. I should of asked my vet but silly me didn’t think as i have never had any interest in breeding as my little puppy is not papered .
    Now this female is nearly three. They tried to breed her in her last heat with an 11 year old dog who was gone in the hips so he couldn’t stay on her. She was then AI’ed and when scanned there was no puppies. She wasn’t pregnant. Shes a very dominant female, she cocks her leg to pee and is really strange. So i winder with the information i have given u guys if you could give me any ideas or is my male just too young...

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    well, back in my day, i heard of dogs sireing litters at 6 months of age.
    was told by a breeder that generally around 11 - 12 months they have most hormones than any other time in there life.

    fact he was beaten and is timid will effect him.
    because mating generally reserved for the alphas/stronger of the pack.

    generally an experienced stud. will basically take one look at her and jump her from what i've seen in the past.
    remember a mating i witnessed a few years back dog was like a horse out of stables at a horse race and tied with her within about 10seconds...
    also a dog doesn't "stay" on top of bitch. they "tie" (get stuck) with her, and slide off side and do a swimmers turn and end up back to back.

    as far as dominant females go....
    i've seen a bitch in heat basically beat the crap out of a dog who would "get on", poor guy would look at owner and she would just eye him down don't you even think about it.
    while bitch stands over him and grabbing his muzzle and pinning him to floor for not doing what she wants....
    good thing she ended up crating the dog so he could get a time out from the demanding bitch.

    if he not going to listen to what his instincts tell him, probably because of abusive past, well its either AI, or a bit of coaxing .....
    i'll leave it at that...

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    I didn't mean he wouldn't stay on her (knotting up) or whatever he just has a piss ant attempt. I would almost say his past has discouraged him. I am not really bothered if he doesn't breed. just wanted to know others thoughts

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    all good, hardest part with communicating online is you sometime leave out a few words and don't get it all across.

    Well i hope some others post and have some more helpful advice.

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    Welcome to the forum krystleleigh! I am looking forward to hearing more about your dogs and maybe some pictures too.

    Please do not allow your puppy to breed with this bitch, Rottweilers take 3 to 4 years to mature. Besides the only reason to produce puppies is for the betterment of the breed. Both sire and dam should have titles, show, working, obedience etc.
    This woman is a backyard breeder and adding to a massive problem of substandard dogs that may end up in homes where they could be neglected or abused. I should know, my own Rottweiler Brian who we adopted from a shelter was one if them. Fortunately he is a great dog, well behaved and very handsome too but way out of standard having a long coat.

    Quite a few times I have been asked if he could be used as a stud. He is of course neutered,

    The shelters are overflowing with dogs, many are put to sleep as there are not enough homes for them. Why anyone would add to the problem I don't know?

    You sound like a caring person krystleleigh tell this woman where to go

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    your right. we don't need any more puppies in shelters. shes one persistent woman but I guess I have to ask the question why she wants to breed... what does she get out of it??? MONEY!! I guess that's what make a backyard breeder as well. someone who is willing to breed their dog with no vet checks or health checks.. I have decided she wont be coming back to use my boy his far to good to be associated with back yard breeding lol . I paid 700 for an unregistered pup so I guess she will probably make that sort of money as well... pretty scary stuff. I guess I like to know my dogs are healthy before I think of getting some quick cash

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    Glad you aren't going to let her breed with your dog. We have wayyyy to many dogs in shelters as it is

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I have actually spoken to some vets and done some research this morning and this woman's got no idea what she's doing, I feel like an idiot, but as I have never had any interest in breeding I thought it would be ok two purebreds breeding. but she's not had her dog vet checked, she's not had any puppy experience. and she's sooooooooo persistent on the issue she wants 13 to 18 puppies.... I mean she was saying that in sarcasm but that now to me screams money hungry,..... god only knows what she could possibly breed into these dogs. I m glad I found this forum thing (new to me lol ) thanks guys for not judging me lol but helping me.

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    13-18 puppies?? Clearly she has no idea and it certainly sounds like she has dollar signs in her eyes. My last litter was 12. It was a phenomenal amount of work, little sleep for weeks, and without skills in managing them and mum as well as tube feeding etc they would not have survived. And despite selling most of them for $800-$1000 I didn't quite break even on what I spent raising them... And that was without a stud fee (my stud) or any extraneous vet bills like c-sections. Just the standard vet care and feeding, registration etc. I have big dogs, similar adult weight to Rotties. Big growing pups need LOTS of good quality food to grow up healthy. For 12 - we're talking $20-$50 a day at around 6-8 weeks... I don't even want to think about how much 18 pups would need!

    It's taken me over two years to recover enough to go again! I feel like a glutton for punishment!

    It's not something you can do properly and make money. Consider any other animal hobby like having horses etc - no one sensible really expects it will be anything but an outlay of money, something you do for the love of it - because of a passion for your breed. But some people have this twisted view that there is money in dog breeding.

    Your boy may be registered and had some good health tests but it doesn't sound like the bitch has at all. Even if she had it's best to know something about their background and ancestry as genetic conditions can be carried, and only a few are able to be tested for. Rotties can be prone to heart problems as well which are difficult and expensive to test for.

    He sounds overwhelmed and unprepared for breeding. Again it's not usually a case of throw them together and see what happens. That's how dogs and bitches get hurt or injured. For people that don't care, they will accept that. If your dogs mean more to you than that it is a case of careful mating with experienced handlers.

    Also, even though your boy is registered, you can't breed registerable pups from him unless you are a registered breeder.

    So you've made a very sensible decision. Enjoy your dogs for who they are. If you ever want to get into breeding, talk to some other breeders, start hanging around dog shows (warning - it can be addictive!! ) and go from there. There is an unlimited amount of stuff to know about it and having people who have some of that knowledge around is a wonderful thing! Not people like this bossy woman sounds like...

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    haha thank you. I chose to buy him because he was papered and he needed to be saved from where he was. my other dog I bought not papered because I thought it would be nice to give him a friend with no intentions of breeding. I actually wanted two males (desexed) but she only had females left.

    but today I am devastated. I went to town to buy horse feed only to come home to this woman in my yard with her dog (knotted) to my boy whilst he was screaming and he spewed and carried on. she laughed and said " O how exciting) I wont tell you my reply it was quite profound. but the hide of her to enter my yard (because she thought I wouldn't mind) I was gone for an hour and in that time she came and he of course did the job. I balled my eyes out. I am disgusted. she told me she wanted puppies to recoup funds from her last failed litter. I not so gently replied that my dog hasn't even reached full maturity and who knows what problems her dog could have. I am absolutely devastated. my boy wont leave from under my house. his terrified. I feel so let down by humans tonight. when money comes before health and quality its time to sit back and load the gun!!! just have a heavy heart tonight. I love my dogs to bits and I kinda feel like I let him down by saying yes in the first place without doing my research.

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