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Thread: How to get 13 week old Silky to sleep in my room

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    Lightbulb How to get 13 week old Silky to sleep in my room

    Hi all!

    First time poster here.

    I have a little Silky named Lola, she's around 13 weeks old now and she's settled in nicely (although a little hyperactive at times). She's getting the hang of toilet training, but we still have little accidents here and there.

    What I want to know is what tips/techniques do you use to get the dog to start sleeping with me on my bed? At the moment, she is in the laundry overnight with her crate, bed, puppy pee pee pads, food and water, but I'd like to start bringing her into my room at night. During the day she spends time outside in her fenced off area which has her crate, toys, food, water, you name it! And sometimes we bring her inside and actually close her in the crate (although she whines for a bit before she'll settle and have a snooze whilst the crate door is closed).

    In the evening around her bed time (9:15pm) I bring her onto my bed, but she just walks around and sniffs it. I've tried popping a mat on my bed and getting her to "sit on the mat" then giving her a treat and praise when she does, but she'll sit for 5 seconds, realise there's no more treat and get up and walk around. It's like I can't get her to settle whilst in my room.

    Should I bring the crate in my room and close her in, even though she's used to sleeping in her own space? Any tips/thoughts/advice would be much appreciated!

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    Her crate is her home and her safety zone, good thing. Move the crate to wherever you want her to be and feel comfortable. She is very young yet and security is in the familiar.

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    Thanks farrview, I'm just worried how she'd handle actually being locked up in the crate all night. I would have to wake up and take her to the toilet in the middle of the night which isn't a problem. I'll try it tonight and see how it goes!

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    Thats pretty much how i got my guy to sleep in our room...using the crate. 2 years on and i get up every night to a cold nose bumping me. "wake up dad..toilet time"

    If the crates not too big she wont go to the toilet in her crate. Just get a routine going (like having a baby LOL) ,same time every night...and then eliminate the crate eventually if she's doing well.

    LOL, most people write in complaining about the dog in the bed. Your girls one of the lucky ones.

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    13 weeks old is much too young to be sleeping on your bed! Move her crate to your bedroom and lock her in it, but take her out to toilet when she whimpers that she needs to 'go'. My girl was at least 18 months old before she had the run of my bedroom.

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    Thanks everyone for your feedback! It's much appreciated.

    My only concern is, at the moment she's sleeping in the laundry with the crate open, she can wander in and out of it when she wants, so now I'm worried that if I close her in the crate she will cry and cry and cry because she's not used to being closed up for that long.

    We sometimes pop her in the crate after play time so she can have a rest (and she falls asleep no problem for a couple of hours), but other times she will cry when she knows we are in the next room or really close by.

    Is that transition an easy one, or should I have crated her at night from the start?

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    I must say, im in awe of folks that get up to toilet a dog during the night. Hat off to you guys! Im not that friendly if woken by anything else, let alone a pup.

    I would break training down into
    1. sleep in crate in your room
    2. when you are 100% sure you have house trained bladder control enabled pup, then coax up onto the bed. By this time, the little mite will be far more confident, and enjoy lazing on bed with you for afternoon films, evening tv, bed time, you name it, it will be on the bed in a flash!

    Crate training: can start at any age, can be picked up and put down, for when i need it. My GSD was crate trained as a pup, like most babes, he had to give this 'cot' up for the next one at 2yrs of age, i have just unearthed my crate for another dog's recovery from surgery. and all dogs want to sleep in it, they take turns for day time snoozes, its a prized sleeping place here! Even Brian, who has never been crate trained, loves it, as his siblings think its the new black!

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    Fantastic! Thanks Bernie! I will have to try locking her in the crate overnight. She likes to sleep on the dirty piles of clothes on the floor instead of in her crate or her little bed. She's getting a lot better with the toilet training but we do have the occasional accident when she gets a bit too excited. I might gauge the overnight peeing situation by leaving fresh peepee pads overnight and if they aren't soiled in the morning then I can be confident she can hold it for a few hours. She's doing number 2 outside in the mornings now instead of on the mats so that's a good indication that she may be ready for a crate in the room.

    Thanks again

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