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    hi everyone,
    i have finally put pics on, also we have never had a young pup and would like a little advice about more stuff.
    jessie is nipping when she plays or you go to pat her, unless she is tired, will she grow out of it or do we do something, also bones do we feed her bones at this age or we wait, if now what would be good, i heard bones are good for their teeth. the pic with the cat is our maine coon Spider, they are slowly starting to like each other.
    thank you
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    Jessie is sooooo cute, I'm no expert there are other here that will give you great advice. I feed NJ chicken necks at that age, Bones are good for there teeth. Sardines, Chicken mince with bones in it and a puppy kibble i also gave NJ puppy milk, As for the biting NJ use to do it, when he did that we just told him no and he has grown out of it, puppy's like fingers.

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    i say no she knows to back off, but when the kids do it she thinks i just have to try harder, than i have them calling me, i have 2 sons 6 and 12 and a daughter 10, it's amazing how a pup can get them into a corner.

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    NJ is now 7 months old, I have 2 kids 6 year old son and an 8 year old daughter and it was like a pecking order pup needed to know they were boss too, So i let the kids feed him, but they had to make NJ sit first, then when the kids were ready to say ok and then he could eat. Now NJ loves them to bits, goes in there room at night just to check on them. That's what we did, maybe other here might have better advice. this is a great forum and you will get some great advice here.

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    Awww...what a gorgeous pup! I want to steal her
    I'd stick to chicken necks too for now.
    In re. to biting, I've never had a nippy pup before and have no kids so maybe others can help more but I agree with Foursocks. I think pup sees you as boss and kids as littter mates. You'll have to make sure your kids are involved in training, feeding etc. Avoid a situation where all that the kids do is play with the pup. You can get them to teach the pup to sit and other easier commands and hopefully pup will see them as more than play mates.
    She's so gorgeous! Congratulations!

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    puppies use their mouths to explore their world - and to learn behaviour. A yelp when she nips will soon stop the behaviour.

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    Naomi, How is little Jessie going?

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    Missed this! Oh my gosh, shes so cute! & Great advise from others and Southern Harmony as usual When we first got Leo i thought i had been tricked into taking a Tazzy devil home! But they do get better with consistent training, but you must be consistent as well, dont chop and change just cause it didnt work in a few days or even a week, its going to take many weeks as Jessie goes through different stages of her teething.

    Check out this (I love this site and find it a really useful, sensible advice/quick help guide) Welcome to Dogs & Co

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    aww what a cutie pie puppy Jessie is ...

    sorry i can offer you advice when it comes to a SBT puppy that young as i've not had experience with a SBT puppy that young.
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