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Thread: So I adopted a 19 week old pup

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    Talking So I adopted a 19 week old pup

    Hi everyone!
    Yesterday I confirmed my adoption of 'Jasper'. He is a few days short of being 19 weeks old. He is Cattle dog x Boxer - and you'll probably all think, 'that's going to be a high energy dog!' (as most people I have told have immediately thought...). His personality floored me for his breeds. He is stand-off-ish with strangers at first, but warms to you when he knows you're ok. Once that happens, he's happy to come over for a pat and a belly rub, then will fall asleep if he could! Immensely relaxed and low energy for a pup with cattle dog and boxer in him! He's been raised with his 3 human fosters brothers and sisters and has been socialised with lots of people and even been to the beach! He will be desexed and microchipped next week and then I can take him home. Can't wait!


    Also! What do you suppose his size will be? His foster carer thinks he won't get any taller. Just fatter. He has a fair amount of loose skin on him still. He paws are a generous size too.
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    What a gorgeous look he has about him. I guess you will have to wait and see if he stays as laid back in different surroundings. he may have been worn out by the others!

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    His brother on the other hand shows every sign of having cattle dog in him apart from his facial features - high energy, go-go-go, and also a non-stop barker. Jasper was happy to just sit there quietly and enjoy the attention.

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    I would be VERY surprised if a 19 week old pup is already grown to full height, but I'm no expert.

    Gorgeous pup!

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    'wkristen' - congratulations on your new pup - but as 'mymatejack' said - this pup is only 19 weeks old and with the breeds in him - there is no way he is not going to continue to grow - like taller - at least !

    All you have to do is look at his 2 front legs at about where his ankles are to see what the growth plates are like. If they are knobbly - then there is a lot of pup there still to happen !

    As far as being stand offish - at 19 weeks ?

    Let's hope you do heaps of training with this pup and don't lull yourself into thinking - that a pup at 19 weeks will be like that forever !

    19 weeks for a pup is classed as a baby in anyone's books - maturity with the breeding in this pup could be anywhere up to at least 18 months old or older !

    Good Luck with your new pup - but don't forget - training is important !


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    It was kinda cute, when my partner and I turned up he was barking at us, but as soon as I said his name he stopped and tilted his head as if to say 'how do you know my name?' haha. He's a real sweetheart. Doesn't jump up, doesn't mouth (unlike the other dogs there).
    I kinda hope he'll get taller and fill out
    I am looking forward to training I can't wait to see what he can do. He seems pretty bright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wkristen View Post
    I kinda hope he'll get taller and fill out
    Your wish will be natures command

    Brock at a little over 20 weeks

    Brock at 12 months

    At 12 months he's pretty close to full height but he will still fill out more

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    What a gorgeous boy he is
    It does concern me a little that he is stand-offish at 19 weeks though. That is something you will want to do the best you can to eliminate. It doesn't always happen but a stand offish pup can lead to behavioural problems as the dog gets older. My boy was very standoffish with anything new when he was a pup and that turned to fear aggression. I don't want to scare you, because with the right training and socialization i am sure he will learn to be confidant soon. I'm just warning you of what can happen if you don't socialize him or train him to see new things as really fun and good.

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    He is a gorgeous dog but in view of the standoffishness it may be a good idea to have his hearing checked

    ETA Some white boxers are deaf as are some cattle dogs
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    I find it interesting that people assume cattle dogs are more high energy/demanding
    than other breeds.
    We have a GSP cross (hound) and he is 20x more work than the previous 3 blue dogs that I have shared
    my life with over 25 years.
    You could likely put this down to his "prey drive" which has been an enormous challenge for me
    but I have used this drive as a training tool and now have a very good and well behaved boy.

    Your pup is just lovely and looks "Bull Arab" to me. Some BYBs put ACD into the mix to add more
    If you are not already aware, then look up NILIF.

    Wishing you many years of love and fun together.

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