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Thread: So I adopted a 19 week old pup

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    What a handsome pup! I thought he looked a bit bull arab too.

    My big boy was slightly stand-offish as a pup, but only a little, and he's turned out quite anxious in unfamiliar situations. I agree with what others have said about training and socialisation, but would like to add that the socialisation needs to be controlled, in a situation where he won't have a bad experience and maybe end up traumatised. Socialising willy-nilly with any dog or person without you knowing them has the potential to do more harm than good. Again, don't want to scare you, just keep it in mind when socialising him

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    What is the best approach to take when I bring Jasper home next Tuesday? He is getting desexed Tuesday day, and he'll be ready to pick up from 3pm onwards, which is when he will officially be my dog. Problem is, is that I thought I had all of Wednesday to spend with him at home, but I'm actually working from 8:15am-4:30pm that day (the one week of every month my roster changes - didn't realise until today). I organised for his desexing to be Monday or Tuesday so I'd have those days to spend with him before I began routine. Turns out he's going to be thrown into routine straight away whether I like it or not. What is my best approach to settling him in within the few hours I will have with him? My landlords are home pretty much all day, so there will be someone here to keep an eye on him. I'm also thinking maybe I should wear an old t-shirt when I pick him up and leave that shirt on his bed overnight and when I leave the next morning so he gets used to my smell?
    N.B. I also have a cat in my flat, a cat in the downstairs part of the house, and a 12 year old dog to socialise him with.

    Also wanted to add that he will have access a generous sized verandah that has stairs that go down to the shared (shared between myself and landlords) large yard. I don't think I'll be letting him inside without my supervision.
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    Just a few things i can think of...
    I'd be giving him a fair bit of alone time when you first get him home....just so he dosnt freak out to much when your not home the next day. He'll probably be wearing a bucket so he cant get to his stitches so try and make his area as clear as possible so he dosnt bump into lots of things or get caught up.

    I'd also be giving him a nice big bone or pig ear to chew on through the day while he's alone.
    Make sure he cant tip over his waterbowl as some dogs will stand in it...but he also need to be able to drink eaily if he is wearing a bucket on his head.
    A radio or TV left on can help to so he heres voices and thinks someones near by.
    I'm guessing he might be a bit sore and sorry from the operation so he might be pretty quiet anyway. Kind of a tricky situation with only a short time before you have to go back to work. Hope it all goes well for you both. Good luck.

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    I got told to keep my dog confined and not running around for the first two weeks after she was desexed. At least until the stitches were out. You might want to check with your vet about how your new puppy should be managed after desexing.

    I would put him in a secure crate or small room that he couldn't get into too much trouble (take all the harmful chemicals and forbidden chewables out). And I'd try to organise someone to take him outside for potty a couple of times or more while you're out, and stay on lead.

    I'd try to make crate time as fun as possible with chews, and kongs stuffed with frozen food - one every couple of hours or so... and someone would need to check he has water when he needs it too.

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    I was thinking maybe putting a baby gate at the foot of the verandah stairs so he can't go down them to the yard and run around. I was then hoping to ask my landlords if they could let him out every now and then to toilet. He normally sleeps on the verandah at his foster home and goes to the grass to toilet.

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    he looks so cute
    i like the bull arab face
    i see the growth plates still have room in them for growth

    took brian 5 weeks to start getting naughty here. quick! touch wood woman, and be still your tongue.

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