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Thread: So Excited, New Puppy

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    Smile So Excited, New Puppy

    Hi everyone

    Some of you may remember me with my gorgeous Lab Holly who went to Rainbow Bridge in April. Well I honestly didn't think I would get another dog for a while but I couldn't help my self "Just looking" at some of the puppies on the internet. Obviously I fell in love with one and, to cut a long story short, we are picking up our new bundle this afternoon.

    She is a Samriever, which is a cross between a Samoyed and a Golden Retriever and we are going to call her Jenna (short for Genevieve, which means white spirit, white wave). I've been reading everything I can about bringing a puppy home to refresh my memory. It's been 6 years since we bought Holly home so I can't really remember.

    I'm just about to have a last clear up to make sure all the bits of lego etc., my 4 year old like to leave lying around are away. I think that might be a full time job .

    Will post some pictures when I get chance.

    Buy for now, I get the feeling I might be on here quite alot over the next few months. Looking forward to it.
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    Welcome back!
    How exciting! Can't wait to see pics of your new baby.
    I think we all go through a stage after loosing a dog where you think never again...but most of us do, do it again and it's amazing how deeply we fall in love with the next fury baby. Holly will be in your heart forever and I wish you all the best with your new addition. Can't wait to see what Jenna looks like.
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    I'm a newbie so wouldn't have met you before but congratz on your new family member Tracy!

    Jenna sounds gorgeous, look forward to seeing pics of her soon!

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    Hey there. I'm so glad you have found a new family member - make sure you show us lots of photos!!

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    Congrats on finding your new puppy and such an interesting breed mix. So looking forward to some photos. Yes, we do forget what it's like having a puppy but it all soon comes back to you when you bring them home.
    The more people I meet, the more I like my dogs.

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