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Thread: My puppy is losing fur

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    My guys was just in small spots that started of about the size of 5 cent coins and got up to about a 10 cent coin before it started healing up. The top of his head was the worse spot and a few on the back legs aswell.

    I wouldnt be to fazed about the food side of things just yet....seems a bit early for that, but you never know. My guys do well on Blackhawk but some others have had issues.
    Certainly somthing to mention to the vet though. My vet has a special diet written up for food sensitive dogs that he recommends people try if the drugs dont work.

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    One of mine started badly losing hair on Black Hawk, while another had bad hot spots. It was terrible and I would never feed it again.
    Thanks for that what are hot spots ?

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    'cindistaf' - here are a couple of links regarding hot spots:

    hot spots

    Hotspots | Vetwest Animal Hospitals

    My GSPs over the years used to get hot spots - and it related to the food I was feeding at the time. So no preservatives and food colourings is the way I go now with them.

    What was your pup being fed on when you first got her ? You said that she was fine on that food.

    As you have only had this pup for ~ 4 weeks - maybe putting her back on the original food and starting from scratch again is the way to go. If you go this way then no changes at all for at least 6 - 8 weeks.

    Making too many changes to her diet too quickly - will be doing her no good and it will make it very difficult to work out what is causing the problems with her skin !

    It could be anything - from grass, insect bites, flea treatment, shampoo all the way to the food that you are feeding her.

    I agree with the others about a visit to the vet to see what is going on. Good Luck !

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    Are you taking the pup to a vet?
    Did you change the food over gradually or just change it? Often if we change it from one meal to the next there can be some problems. Maybe stop feeding it and go back to what the diet was before after a vet has cleared the pups of mites, mange, fleas, hotspots etc. Good luck.

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