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Thread: Newbie here,looking for a chat.

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    So the collar grab is teaching her, when i have her by the collar not to pull or jump/try to get away?
    Not exactly.

    When you have it right when the dog sees you reaching for their collar - they will actually shove their neck in your hand - to speed up their chance of getting a treat (or fun job to do).

    This one is its yer choice - not quite beginners and a collar grab at the end.

    This one is collar grab from the beginning with a dog that isn't that bothered by collar grabs but doesn't see it as rewarding fun yet.

    advanced collar grab - with a bit of yelling and dragging. Notice how comfortable the dogs are with the process.

    Some dogs don't like you reaching out towards their collar at all - and those ones - you start with the dog on lead, and you might run the drill just touching the lead near the collar and pairing that with a treat and not trying to grab the collar at all - repeat five times or so. then play then repeat another five times.

    And over a period of one session (two sets of five repeats) per day for a week or two - gradually get closer to the collar until you can touch it, and then stick your finger inside it and then maybe give a little tug... all on lead. Don't try it off lead until the dog is really comfy doing it on lead and only use the lead to stop the dog nicking off. Don't use it to drag the dog into reach. - just get as close to the collar as you can to start with. Hopefully the dog will be coming at you when you reach for her (or him). And then you can try it in a room in the house (my fave is in front of the telly during ads or boring bits).

    So the point of the game is to make your dog connect you reaching for and grabbing the collar with warm fuzzy feelings (like I get thinking about eating my favourite chocolate).

    Hope that makes sense.

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    Thanks for explaining. it sounds like a quite behavior to have in a dog.

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