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Thread: My puppy barks whenever I am out of his sight.

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    Default My puppy barks whenever I am out of his sight.

    Hi all I have a Miniature Pinscher who is almost 14 weeks. His toilet training is going ok and he's grasping a few comands nicely.
    However if he can't see me or he can see me walk away he barks continuosly.
    He is great in his crate at night and We are down to 1 toilet break in our sleep pattern.
    During the day if I need to do the dishes and he can't come into the kitchen it starts and he will not stop.
    I even go and sit outside with a coffee where he can't see me and wait to see if he stops that isn't working he knows I am home.
    He will stop after some time if I leave the house in my car ( I asked my neighbour ).
    How do I teach him to calm down


    This is the little terror. His name is punch.
    Thanks in advance for all the advice I'm about to receive

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    'Kingsley1972' - training, time, patience and perseverance win out in the end with pups.

    Have a look at this link - 'at home alone' particularly:

    kikopup puppy tips - YouTube

    Punch has got your attention - good or bad - in the past by barking - so now you need to teach him that being quiet only gets good things from you !
    Good Luck !smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    Dogs are very good at training humans...

    I had this problem with my dog and she is worse when she knows I'm home. But we practice it. Had two episodes of counter surfing today (she scored but did not get to eat a banana), I put her in the crate. She likes being in the crate - she drags me there, but she doesn't like being locked in. This time - she tried digging in the crate - hmm.

    So that's not ok so I cover the crate up. So she tries a bit of barking. I tell her "that's not going to work" ie a variation of a "no reward marker" ie what you're doing is not going to get you what you want, try something else. Sometimes I say "try something else".

    Eventually she quit digging, so I uncovered a bit of the crate so she could see out (that's a simple reward). Eventually I let her out and she went back to the counter, so she went back to the crate. And tried the digging again... and I covered her up again... she stopped - much quicker this time. And then after a bit, I let her out.

    If I'm going to cave when she's barking - because I have forgotten her or that's just how it is, I let her know eg "in a minute" "coming" etc. But if I'm not going to cave, she doesn't get out until she's behaving how I want. And her first clue that she's on the right track is I uncover the crate.

    The first few times it can be noisy and painful and you might want to start with a mesh crate - and beware of the dog that really needs a chew proof padded cell... Don't let them hurt themselves on the crate. Some dogs break all their teeth on them. Ie you really need to pair the crate and being in the crate with lots of yummy things like dinner and the best chews before leaving them in it. You know you've got the crate training right when they will run in there by themselves.

    And then you build up good behaviour the same way you build up a sit stay. Start with a very short time - ie step away from the crate and step back. Two steps away and step back (reward each time in the crate if the dog is good), then one step, then two steps then one step - end of first session, open the door say your "release word" eg "go play", and play with your dog.

    Build up over many sessions until you can step out of sight...

    Beware of returning to or releasing a barking dog. I used to play this game with my dog in the crate, like "whats the time mr wolf" - If I was returningto the crate, if she barked - I backed off, if she was quiet - I stepped closer... If she went nutty barking - I cover her up and walk away.

    If you have two people to play - one can reward good behaviour while the other is "away". But a lot of dogs will be calm and good (which is worth rewarding) when someone they know is close.

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