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    we have just bought a 9 week old staffy, she was the last one. we are trying to house train her, help would be great, also at night we shut her in the laundry and she does nothing but winge and whine and bark and keeps the neighbour hood awake, we tried keeping her outside but it is worse..
    she's been microchipped and vaccinated. i don't think there is much else to tell you.

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    Hello and Naomi, The only thing i can say is she (what's her name?) just want's to be with you. I put my NJ in the laundry when i got him and he did the same thing, So he now sleeps in his bed next to our bed on my side and is very happy there, all NJ wanted was to be with us. Is she going to be an in or outside dog?
    photo's, love photo's

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    Hey Naomi!

    Congrats on your new baby. An important thing to remember with pups is that if they are tired and really warm they will sleep - even if they fight it fo a little while. They won't have much resistance to sleep if they're warm. This can pose challenges when we have single pups in winter...

    Laundries are reknowned for being very cold and sometimes damp as well. I know they're easy to clean which makes them convienent though. Try getting her bed up off the floor. Those plastic kennels are a great buy - you can often find them in bargain shops like the Reject Shop for about $50.

    Something like this that is snug and has it's floor up a little off the laundry floor can really help. You need to get her up off the floor and warmly bedded. It can save you many sleepless nights! Thich bedding like a doona folded up is great too. Check out cheap shops fo cheap bedclothes - pillows and quilts make life much easier and are cheaper and better padded than most commercial pet beds.

    For my destructive ones I make quick pillow case type covers out of shadecloth stiched up with fishing line. There's lots of ways to help warm her up without breaking the bank. Op shops are a good source of baby jumpers too - which make great cheap and warm puppy coats!

    Give her a solid routine where she eats, then goes out for a toilet and a play/run around. Then she goes to bed. As long as you're sure she's warm then don't go back in even if she's whinging. She'll quickly come to learn how things work and give up complaining if she gets nowhere with it!

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    Great advise from Nattylou & southern harmony Dont really think i can add much else!

    Just wanted to say Hi and welcome! Whats the little ones name and pics please! LOL

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    I agree with Leo,
    Great advice from Southern H, Nattylou
    I also agree with 4 socks, I've found with my girls that if I could keep them where they could see me, sleep time was not a problem. They both slept in our bedroom as pups on warm doggy beds...and now? well, they prefer the big bed now. I understand that it's not everyones cup of tea. You'll have to decide where you want pup to sleep forever and warmth is a must.
    Oh, can't wait for baby Staffy pics

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    Same, Leo in his own bed in our bedroom. He isnt allowed on the big bed though..... Sometimes on a sunday morning as a treat but not often these days as he is just to big and gets all muddy and smelly at the park each day, id rather not share

    Even as a pup sleeping in our bedroom he wined a little the first couple of weeks and we would have him close enough to be able to put our hand down to confort him, but never picked him up, as long as he knew we where there, had plenty of warmth/blankets what not, he was fine.

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    the little staffy is called Jessie. Picks will come soon.
    Thanks everyone for your help.

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    How is little Jessie going?

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    made a new thread with some questions, she's not winging as much at night or i'm just sleeping through it.

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    doing well, not winging as much at night or i'm just sleeping through it, i made a new thread with pics.

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