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    Hi all
    we have a samoyed puppy who is now just 15 weeks old
    We do go to training and he is a beautiful big boy. Other than the constant and persisten biting!!! he is a lovable smooch. He is very food orientated and we are trying to curb the mouthing/biting currently, so any hints and tips would be more than welcome. We have tried No, ignoring (doesnt work as he dive bombs your hands and feet) sit pose shown by training, yelping, crying and shouting sadly when we have lost the plot as it hurts! . The only thing that calms is time out in his crate, but this is of concern, as he sleeps in it and dont want him to come to hate the crate!!

    He is great in the toilet training and sleeps in the crate by our bed from around 11.30 pm until 5-30-6 am.
    Havent had indoor accidents for quite a while now..
    When is he OK to be given more freedom in the house with supervision?
    We are currently climbing over sofas, the crate and safety gates which are barriers as we have an open plan home LOL

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    Hi Fairystar and welcome to the forum! It should be OK to give your boy freedom to more of the house so long as there aren't any power cords or other dangerous objects he might want to teeth on.
    What is his current routine?

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    We have him boxed of in the kitchen family room currently, gate across the kitchen, sofa in front of the corridor to bedrooms and crate across the opening to front door, its a real pain. He is pretty good telling us when he needs too pee, but would have to be vigilant with the kids as they leave all sorts all over the floor. We also have 2 cats he would need not to chase
    Currently we take him most places in the car except a few times a week.
    I do not work so am with him a lot.
    We sit, watch tv and are mostly in the family room with him. Bed time he is in a crate next to our bed.
    I take him outside after every sleep, play and if he hasnt been for a while. He does stand at the door silently when he needs to go out, so you have to watch him, unless its a poo then he barks

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    'fairystar' - have a look at this thread:
    I am sure you will find something in there to help you ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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