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Thread: New puppy in two weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beloz View Post
    If someone else is driving, I see no issue with you just sitting on the back seat with the pup? A harness would still offer extra protection in case you have a crash, but I don't think a carrier is necessary. Just make sure you stop lots for toilet breaks!
    Haha I'm sure there will have to be lots of stops if I don't want to arrive home in a pool of wee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beloz View Post
    You can get harnesses in all sizes. Of course, you'll have to buy a bigger one when he grows, but they are adjustable to a point. So if you buy one that fits him now on the smallest adjustment, you might get a few months out of it. I'm pretty sure our pet store sells some that are fairly cheap. When he's fully grown you may want to invest in a better quality one, but for a pup the cheaper ones should be fine.
    Thanks Beloz for that advice

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    Oh God I forgot that he will be likely to be sick on his first car trip. I remember that with my first puppy. RileyJ I will look at the sites you have given me and I am reading up about crate training but I've never used that technique before

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    Quote Originally Posted by RileyJ View Post
    'northolt' - If you have someone else driving – then a collar and lead, a plastic washing basket, towels, newspaper and plastic bags for rubbish - would be all you would really need for the trip home. Don’t forget a new pup may get sick and have accidents in the car – so best be prepared.

    If the washing basket is reasonably tall – you can use it also for where pup sleeps of a night-time next to your bed – for an easy start with toilet training of the pup.

    Do look at crate training your pup – it will make things so much easier for you for lots of reasons. There are heaps of different varieties – but I prefer to use the metal ones - easier to keep clean and are stronger.

    Next on your shopping list would be a door barrier/s:

    Then next – maybe:

    Compost Bin Storage Cage I/N 3160000 | Bunnings Warehouse

    I have 2 sets of these. They are excellent for setting up play areas in or outside for the pup.

    How exciting for you ! Expect to see plenty of photos of this new pup in ~ 2 weeks - Please !
    Good Luck ! Attachment 12369
    Thanks for those site RileyJ they were great

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