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    We have a Kelpie pup she is now 13-14 weeks.
    She doesn't bark constantly only 7am every morning when she wakes up and wants food and when she is outside in daylight and she can see us inside the house.
    We have been training her and telling her off when she does this as we don't want an excessive barker.
    When we aren't home she doesn't bark (we had people check on her) and at night when we are home and she is outside she is fine.

    We can't complain to much she has been great. From the start she has slept through the night outside. Never sooked or anything.

    Do you think its just a puppy thing and she will grow out of it ?
    She is a very cuddly pup . This is my first kelpie, I owned Heelers prior.

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    Ooh ‘ammo’ – I really feel for you !

    So – you have a pup - ~ 14 weeks old and she lets you sleep in until 7.00 am ? Whoohooo – I would be celebrating and not having a grizzle !

    A couple of links you may find helpful:

    kikopup - YouTube

    Free downloads | Dog Star Daily

    She is just a pup and finding her voice and getting a reaction from you. Your reaction to her can be positive or negative - it won't matter to her - all she knows is that she has got your attention - and that is what she is looking for !
    Happy Reading ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    We have been training her and telling her off when she does this as we don't want an excessive barker
    Something you do - has been rewarding her for barking...

    Telling her off - would count as attention, and joining in. Ie she's barking and then you go and bark some too - approval and joining in as far as your average puppy is concerned. Like a pack of dogs barking together.

    And going out when she's barking would also count as rewarding. So I imagine most mornings 7am is close to when you all get up and go out and greet/feed the puppy. She's just anticipating this. And she won't know the difference between a work day and a sleep in day. At least she's not in her basket next to your bed engaged in a bit of loud self chewing/grooming at 5:30am.

    So wait till she stops barking before you go out or pay her any attention. If she barks go back inside. Don't look at her or say anything (well "oops" in a neutral tone of voice would be ok) and then go back inside like she's using people repellent. Try again 10 to 30 seconds later. Might be best to try this from early or on a morning when you have some time. The first time - you'd just look to go out when she takes a breath - don't wait for longer than a second the first time. And then gradually build up the time... you want her to be able to get it right as much as possible.

    PS - I also teach bark on command - which gives it value and also enables you to teach "quiet" for between. But you need to use neutral voice for your commands - not frustrated shouting.

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    Great! We will try this and see if it starts to work.
    Thanks everyone!

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