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Thread: Wanted; Long-haired german shepherd puppy

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    Default Wanted; Long-haired german shepherd puppy

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a long-haired German Shepherd puppy about late November. The breeder should be registered with the GSDCV Inc and the animals being bred from must have a BS Cl1 or BS Cl2 grading.
    I have loved GS for ages; I have been burnt in the past by back yard breeders with the animal developing hip dysplasia early on.
    I have a big backyard and another largish dog already.
    Please, please reply if you can accommodate my wishes.

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    Here's a woman i contacted when searching for my 3rd dog. I was after a stockman coated saddle back, and none born in litter.
    Good scores, and titles, both conformation and working line. No cancer is what i went looking for, as a 'bonus', but would of settled for scores and working titles.
    GSD club Vic has breeders. They have unorthodox training methods. But plenty of breeders hangin around Keilor of a Saturday. Just rock up and take a look, before introduce yourself, take a look at the dogs yourself.
    I spotted a female that was gorgeous. But an old gal of 8yrs. But got her line of the owner to keep an eye out for pups. Never did see one though. So you can find litters, good litters through the club.

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