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Thread: Help/ owning a puppy but working during the day.

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    Agree with the others that working will not be a problem. They do sleep a lot initially. DO NOT make the mistake of taking 2 weeks off work to settle the dog in. A couple of days/longish weekend at most then do as you normally would tapering a bit at the last day or so. That way you do not create a problem of expectation for the pup but the pup has time to know this may be ok.
    Interaction etc before you go to work, someone in at half time to do a feed and spend a little time, time, exercise with you when home sounds great to me. Later on, bones help and remember that dogs adapt well to whatever their situation is when eased into it. I once had a small dog alone 9hrs a day (in a city)..he was in and out of a dog door to a courtyard as he wanted, neighbours reported no problems.

    Everyone's situation is different, the way they mould the dogs to fit in. I could not do that anymore in my different situation with this brat pack which is a whole different rural scenario.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    wobbly kong GSD size, purchased for $40 odd bux, he buried it immediately, and it remained buried for 4 yrs, till we added a 2nd dog who repeated this process.
    Waste of bloomin money is what i call kongs.

    I am on my 3rd GSD. This one is currently 5yrs of age, nearly six.
    Here's a list of what was common in all of them
    1. They are ALL vocal. I highly recommend watching youtube video's, and teaching your GSD to speak. They are clever at it, and its a fun game for them. And then you add to the vocal repettoire, so that when you GSD needs to vocalise, it can do so without barking. ie. quietly.

    2. None of them have been welcome at communal dog areas that are off leash. People are afraid of them. So you're unlikely to get much socialization with other strangers who are walking dogs.

    3. All of them have had deep bonds with all my family members. They have had unique relationships with us all. Almost like a different dog, for each of us, in the one dog. As we all reinforce what subjectively we find important.

    4. All of them, have turned into pushy gobby monsters at 9 months of age. And needed careful guidance through teens. More so than rotties, which i always accompany a GSD with, ie. 2 dog family. Been through a few dogs now im in my fifties.

    5. I was fat before i got into GSD's. Im not now.

    6. They have all been land sharks. And we've all got the scars on ankles to prove it.

    7. Crate training is essenstial in this breed. It solves so many problems! before they start.

    8. They have all socialised well, not been dog/dog or dog/human aggressive.

    9. They would all jump off a cliff if i asked them to. And with this comes a lot of responsibility.

    10. I too thought i had a lot of time on my hands. Till i got a GSD. Then realised how time poor i was. BEWARE lol

    But 'if' you want that special bond. And ive owned dogs where that bond has not been nearly as deep as id of wished. Each of the GSD's have been my heart dog. Wonderful animals. And if you cant train a GSD, you cant train jack.
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