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Thread: Poodle Puppy Doesnt Like Me, but Loves My Partner?!

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    Exclamation Poodle Puppy Doesnt Like Me, but Loves My Partner?!

    So his name is Jimmy Choo, he is a miniature poodle and was a singleton (born one to the litter). When we got him we picked him up from the airport and he was great. We bought him home and he bites, a lot. So boyfriend wrapped him in a towel and held him on his lap on his back for 30mins. This seemed to work and calmed him down. I tried the same thing the next night but he didnt take. With boyfriend he listens to him, follows him for walks, plays nice with him and does all the things a good puppy should do. But with me he bites my slippers and pants when I walk even tho I tell him no, He bites my hands when playing fetch, he doesnt listen when trying to walk him and no matter how stern and matter of fact i am he doesnt listen.
    I'm over being the bad person and want my puppy to listen to me as an equal to boyfriend.
    Jimmy is very smart and were being consistent. I dont think I am doing anything different to boyfriend. Jimmy just doesnt like me!

    I think I need advice!!!

    Thanks for listening!

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    We start puppy school next Sunday. We will see what happens but I am so over being the bad person. I cleaned his eyes before and he was good for about 5 minutes and got over it so quickly, I finished and put him down for a treat and gave him good boy tummy rubs. But as soon as the treat was gone he is back to biting my pants and chasing my feet. I say No and he just barks. I'm telling myself to be patient but we will see how long that lasts.

    Thanks for your advice.

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    I think your little one is treating you more like a litter mate or equal, and your OH as the leader.

    Try walking him. Just you and him. If he doesn't listen increase the speed to a slow jog (no doubt he has little legs!) so that he can't muck about, he is too busy going forwards. If he has a temper tantrum wait it out and keep on going, give him no attention for throwing himself about and screaming - just like a naughty toddler. If he walks or trots along nicely speak encouragingly but keep it going.

    He obviously only needs a small amount of exercise to wear him out - a tired youngster is much less defiant.

    Make sure you feed him. And teach him to first sit, and then wait while you put his food down until you give him a cmmand to eat it. Hold him by his collar as he squirms to get his food, giving hiim a wait command. As soon as he is still for a moment, and looks at you, release him for his food.

    You have to be his leader or he will keep on treating you as equal.

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