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Thread: Puppy gets ver excited with new people!

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    Hi 'Kel182' - now that I have seen his photo - he looks to be a real cutie – and definitely what I would class as a ‘busy pup’ !

    So, if you are not sure of the characteristics of the breeds that make up your pup – here is a link for you to start with:

    Australian National Kennel Council

    Border Collie information can be found in Group 5 of the breed link I put up – and Terriers make up Group 2.

    If you can - get everyone involved with you in the general care of the pup – like helping you feed the pup, change his water, brush him, play with him and even just walking him around the yard on lead. This will allow the pup to bond with everyone in the family.

    17 weeks old is well within the right timeframe also for your pup to be ‘teething’ (approx. 3 – 7 months) – so if he is acting like a ‘piranha’ and chewing on everything – this could be why.

    Have fun - and remember he is only very young ! He will have the brain capacity of a gnat - so training sessions - short and often !

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    I have a kelpie x and she was infamous for her over the top greetings when she was younger. I still have to pull her off some people occasionally now and she's over two. So I'm probably not the best one to give advice! It is hard when they only do it to other people.

    Out and about I did Look At That training around kids with my dog which did work really well. She went fromwanting to jump on every child in sight and bowling them over to ignoring them in a fairly short time.

    At home was harder though... I eventually resorted to time out for inappropriate greeting of visitors which actually works fairly well when you're consistent. It is that much harder to be consistent when you are greeting visitors yourself and supervising little ones though. Things can get a tad chaotic.

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