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Thread: Me again - looking for dog or puppy conditioner in perth

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    Default Me again - looking for dog or puppy conditioner in perth

    anyone who lives in Perth know where I could find cheapish dog/puppy conditioner ?

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    You can try buying it online on Amazon.

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    What is the breed of puppy you are getting Gramanda? Depending on the coat you may not need conditioner, just a good dog shampoo. My Brian is a coated Rottweiler and has soft fur like a cat and very fluffy ears. I just use Tea Tree shampoo, I also give him a spoonful of coconut oil in his dinner bowl which keeps his coat shiny. He needs brushing once every day, more often when the grass seeds are out.

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    I use J&J baby shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1 - from the supermarket.

    But I don't use it on the dog unless she rolls in something stinky. And then not more than once a month.

    There's loads of shampoo things on the net.
    Vet Products Direct Australia
    and the RSPCA have a shop front too that has lots of different doggy shampoos

    And quite a few vets sell stuff. And the big pet supplies.

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    Im J&J baby shampoo fan also.
    But as like hyacinth says, not unless the dog has rolled in something awful that a hose off, or swim in lake wont sort.

    Bernie is 5, he's had 3 baths his entire life, ditto for pohm.
    They are however groomed thoroughly weekly.

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    thank's everyone

    I will investigate and look online and maybe try J&J baby 2 in 1, Tea Tree shampoo, coconut oil

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