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    Default Cavalier Question.

    Hi there

    Just wondering when I will start seeing tanning coming through on my cavalier puppies.
    Yes I have had both parents fully checked out by vets .Heart,eye etc.

    They are 16 days old today.

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    Hi 'Jess Golden' and to the forum !

    Would love to see some photos of your pups - please !

    Final colouring of coats usually is not complete until pups have their adult coats. So 16 days old is a bit early. Little puppies have a lot going on at that age - eyes and ears are starting to open and soon they will get their baby teeth.

    You should be getting a pretty good guide to colour by about the 4 week mark. But all this is very dependant on the colouring that the parents have.

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    Hey thankyou I have been looking for a friendly forum to chat about dogs and all doggy matters! Due to the fact I chose to breed my cavaliers I have recieved abuse from many others.

    I will definately upload some photos for you all to look at.My girl had 5. 4 tri's and a black and tan. Beautiful babies. My first litter of cavaliers,took a while as I had to reget all the checks done.Worth the wait though as they are just simply gorgous!

    Thankyou for being so welcoming

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    'Jess Golden' - no problems ! My viewpoint is that the deed is done - so no point in berating a new member about it all.

    Now - if you had come on here saying you wanted to breed - then that would have been a totally different situation and I and a lot of others here would have been asking heaps of questions with the viewpoint of trying to talk you out it.

    Also your 'saving grace' comment about health testing made me think that you do know something about what you are doing. I am aware that anyone can say anything on the internet - so I really hope that both the parents have been health tested and are clear. Parents health cleared - means that the pups are clear by parentage - so this will make life very easy for you when you are looking for homes for the pups.

    CKCSs can come with some horrific health baggage which causes heartbreak - particularly to the new owners. Some breeders just don't seem to give a damn and just keep on breeding on !

    Here is a link for people who may not know much about CKCSs:

    Disorders by Breed - Cavalier King Charles spaniel - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    So - I am really looking forward to seeing heaps of photos of all your pups - not just the babies - but do need heaps of those ones too - pleeaasseeee !

    This forum has a lot of great members and heaps of excellent information in the different threads - so I really hope that you will enjoy being a member here and ask what questions you want ! smiley-eatdrink004.gif

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    Hi Jess Golden


    We do like to make sure anyone who wants to breed will do their best not to contribute to the unwanted dogs in the world - but pretty sure that someone who takes the time to get health tests (guessing / hoping that includes the DNA tests for Cav problems), is planning to make sure they have healthy puppies going to happy forever homes (and not puppy factories).

    Some of us think the best way to do all that is to be ANKC registered - but there is another forum for the ANKC purists.

    Most of us just want the best for our dog, and dogs in general and their owners. And may give you a bit of a serious interviewing with that in mind. But we will also help with advice if we can.

    I don't know much about breeding - I've got a desexed rescue. So I can't be too rigid about ANKC pedigree.

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