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Thread: How big will my boy grow!?

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    Cool How big will my boy grow!?

    Hi guys, Was just wondering if anyone could give me a guesstimate on how big my boy will grow?

    He's a Ridgeback X Bullarab

    I didn't see his dad but his mum ( ridgeback ) was fairly big.

    Anyways I've attached 2 pictures, the one where he's lying on me he is 2 months and 20 days
    and the 2nd picture is a picture of him today he is just about 6 months! ( 5 months and 30 days )
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    Awesome 2nd dog was a Ridgeback. Man can they run !!

    As for how big ? Well its always justa guess with X breeds but 45 kg's give or take 5 kg's when fully grown i'd guess. Ridgies are usually a bit thinner than Arabs. I can see more Arab than Ridgy in him with those pics. Ridgies tend to have a longer snout/nose. Feed him well, and dont let the big fella jump to much while those big bones are growing so quick.
    Awesome dog mate...congtrats.

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    When I first saw the photos - I thought he was a jack Russell x whippet.

    Goes to show how much I don't know. Bull Arabs are a bit of a mixture - anything the breeder thinks is a good idea at the time eg I've got a really strong bitch but I'd like her to be faster - lets mate her with a greyhound...

    I think my dog was 2/3 her adult size at 6 months - so whatever he is now - expect at least 50% bigger. But if he's ridgeback x - then maybe 100% bigger than he is now. Ridge backs are very tall dogs.

    So you said you were researching - what made you choose this one?

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    As to how big your pup will grow to - is like saying how long a piece of string is !

    There are heaps of variables that come into play. Desexing early can affect the height and overall size of a dog. Feeding the incorrect type of food can also have impact on the overall height and size of your pup. Was your pup the runt of the litter? Just to mention a few for you !

    Not knowing the breeding behind the sire of the litter - other than knowing he is a bull arab- also does not help to answer your question.

    A link for information on the bull arab side:

    Bull Arab Dog Breed History In Australia

    There is no such thing as a purebred bull arab - it much depends on the area that you live in as to what other breeds of dogs they will use - and still call it a bull arab.

    Here is link for the dam's breed information:

    Australian National Kennel Council

    Are you able to find out more information regarding the sire? That would be big help.

    I think 'Sean' is pretty close to the mark - weightwise.

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