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    I have a 7 month old staffy x and a six and a hlf year old staffy and my 7 month old tia is so destructive. We have them both in our backyard when i we are at work. First tia chewed the gate and escaped and then we had to keep them downstairs inside till the gat was repaired. Within two days of having them downstairs (and im not at work all day, they would of been downstairs from 11:30am till about 5pm) she had ripped apart two couches, ripped up a large chunk of the carpet (the couch doesnt cover it) and started on the door frames. They went back outside when the gate was repaired and not she chewed their bed they sleep on out there, she has dug a hole into the neighbours yard under the fence, we had some rope on our new gate and she chewed that off aswell. We cant leave tia anything because she destroys it. She has toys and things to chew but she does it for a little while and then continues to chew anything she can. She has also taken up crying and yelping which is that loud she sets off the neighbours house alarm. The neighbours behind us can also hear her and the bad thing is they have a one month old baby so i am feeling horrible that tia is doing this. Our other dog doesnt do anything destructive. They are both walked and exercised, tia has toys to play with. I have tried getting anygry at her but that doesnt work, i have tried ignoring her when i come home and that doesnt work. My partner and i are lost on what else we can do does anyone have any ideas? Please

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    Simple - dog is bored. Start spending some time with her, take her to training and start exercising her mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occy View Post
    Simple - dog is bored. Start spending some time with her, take her to training and start exercising her mind.
    Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    Hi laus and
    As others have said bored,
    I know from my staffy, loves to
    hang from a ring on a rope and hung from a tree.
    hours of fun. my NJ has a kong he likes it.
    do you have things for tia to do when your not with her?.
    maybe others here can give you some idears.

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    Ok, I have a 10month old pup. Have had her for 6 months. Before I got her she lived at a shelter in a cage so had no idea about living inside, etc.
    I made sure that when we got her I wouldn't be Christmas break was the perfect time. By having 3 weeks off and spending time with her, bonding, supervising her around my other dog, being there to tell her 'NO'when she was doing something wrong and using positive reinforcement and lots of cuddles, I ended up with a non-destructive pup. After having her for 3 days, I'd go for a 5min walk just to leave her inside and get her used to being with my other dog only. Each day I'd increase that time so by the time I returned to work she'd be used to being home without human company. I'd also puppy proof the house. They can't destroy what's not there... Both my girls are inside dogs and just go to sleep when I go out.
    I do feel lucky that they're well behaved, and that I was blessed with a smart pup...but i do believe that if I didn't put the work in things would be different
    She knows her boundries! My Stafford was a naughty pup, but again spending the time with her, being there to correct her behaviour was the key. If I left her on her own straight away she'd eat the whole house.....but after a few weeks and the same treatment as my current pup, she got over the destructive behaviour. Lots of toys is a must, and keep adding new ones as they can get bored with the old ones. I really believe you need to spend more time with your pup before It can be left on its own. You could try baby gates inside and puppy-proof the room/rooms, but wouldn't use that as solution. Good Luck!

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