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    We purchased our little Jack Russell puppy 3 weeks ago and now as he has started to grow we noticed that his tail was badly broken/damaged and now grows at a 90 degree angle upwards near the base. It must have been an injury from a very young age as the Breeder never mentioned this (although they have many litters and i'm sure the attention to each pup is limited).

    Do we just leave it as it is or is it advisable to be checked out by the vet? I don't know if these things cause any issues as adult dogs?

    Thank you

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    A broken tail would have been really obvious to the breeder from a really young age. With the fact that you have got a damaged pup ( not mentioned by the breeder) and one that was not microchipped and you are saying the breeder has "many" litters, you appear to have bought from a puppy mill, or at the very least a breeder with no scrupples. If this assumption is wrong then I apologise to you and the breeder, but if not then shame on you.

    Unless you intend showing the dog or doing something along the ratting sport lines, I would not worry. By now the tail would have set in it's current position and it would be a traumatic op to fix it.
    Nev Allen
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    I think you should get the pup checked by a vet anyway as the 'breeder' doesn't seem to have the pups health as a top priority.
    I think you should also ring the 'breeder' and find out about the tail and the microchip, if they were unaware then I suppose these things are forgivable. In that case I would be politely asking them to not breed unless they are doing it the right way.

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    Lemme see

    Untreated broken tail? No microchips? Many litters?

    This looks like a job for SUPER RSPCA.

    Sheesh. Why did you reward them with your money?

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    I have had 2 dogs in my family who were born with kinks at the end of their tails from registered breeders. The breeder pointed it out when I viewed the pups and it didnt change my mind about the pup, but she did give me a discount. The tip is at right angles to the rest of the tail. It is not that unusual and does not require vet intervention or surgery.

    However my breeder knew the pup was born like that, it seems that your breeder didnt notice or care how it might have happened.

    What does concern me though is that the puppy is from a breeder who has many litters and who gives very little attention to the pups.

    I really wish the buying public would avoid these breeders instead of lining their pockets with money. It just fuels a never ending cycle.
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