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Thread: Buying a spoodle from a pet shop

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    Yeah I would still say the breeder isn't to responsible if they are selling their pups in a pet shop. As MMJ said, how can you ensure your puppy is going to a great home when you are leaving the screening process to someone who probably doesn't care all that much about the welfare of the puppy.

    The only pet shops I agree with are ones that have rescues in it. Still you get the same issues but at least they aren't fuelling the demand for factory farmed pets.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    I am not surprised the OP has not returned.
    They got lynched here. With excellent motivation i know. But lynched none the less
    wow, what a welcome.

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    The OP hasn't returned since posting the thread, I know you can check without logging in but it seems like a bit if a troll to me too.

    The thing that annoys me about pet shops, even the responsible ones who don't source from BYB's, is the 'impulse buy' factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogert View Post
    The pet shop has professional back up and follow on free vet checks. So I don't know why people are so precious about breeders not to mention designer dogs. cheers Roger
    Not all accredited breeders are wonderful that is for sure and I know people who have nice dogs from pet shops. More recently a friend of mine bought a spoodle from a pet shop and she euthanaised it at age 3 1/2 because it presented with extreme hip dysplasia around about 9 months old. This is way out of the range of follow up free vet checks, to fix would have meant expensive surgery and ongoing treatment.

    The point is is that buying from pet shops is probably more Russian Roulette than from a breeder who has hip and elbow scored her stock and done the relevent genetic tests. Problems can still occur but are generally less likely. Also I know if something happens to me down the track that the caring breeders I get my dogs from will take the dogs back.

    I know where I used to live the pet shops basically sourced their puppies form oops litters around town. If you had an oops litter you took it to the pet shop. They might give you $20-50 per pup and then on sell for a huge mark up. They did the vet checks but this is very different from genetic testing.

    However I can understand how the OP feels as they apparently got screwed over by the breeders on several occassions. I think that the majority of the pet buying public probably are not aware of the medical chaos that a gentic condition brings to the table and the importance of good structure and knowing the temperament and background of the parents. They often confuse vet checks of the puppy with genetic testing and scoring of the parents. A puppy checked by a vet is very different to one from parents that are known to be clear of genetic conditions and have good hips and elbows.

    It is often not until you have a lovely healthy puppy that grew into a dog with an emerging genetic condition and gone through the pain as I myself have as have a number of friends, that you become a lot more wary about where you purchase a puppy.
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    Trolls usually come back to keep stirring the pot. Not sure what this guy was hoping to achieve. I think he just wanted to bitch about breeders, and you can do that in here - as long as you don't get too specific about which ones cos nobody wants to pay the lawyer fees.

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    Firstly thank you to those that have given me encouragement but i have to say there are a lot of negative self righteous people on this forum. The fact is the breeders apparentely did not hold up on their part of the deal, in each case. Breeders are not necessarily saints. The spoodle I purchased I have now had for 3 days and it is delightful and already is getting into a proper toilet regime. The pet shop people I think have integrity and the breeder was in the shop when I was there and their description of their breeding practices seemed similar to the registered breeders for golden retrievers. The simple fact is that breeders are not within cooee of my place so I would have to purchase sight unseen. This is unsatisfactory. I need to actually see and feel what I am buying like anything also. And yes it has had its first round of medical checks and vacs, due for its second today and yes it is microchipped and everything else. I know I am not supporting puppy farms. I have done a little homework.Thanks to Choppachop for his very "positive" comments.

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    'rogert' - now that the 'dust has settled' - to the forum !

    Very pleased to see that you have come back and hope that you do stick around ! There are heaps of really good threads on here regarding puppies and other topics - so have a good look around ! Ask any questions you want !

    Now - Please - I would loooove to see a photo of this new puppy of yours - pleeeease !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ven View Post
    it's rather unfair to slam ALL pet shops as bad, and frankly it's just wrong.

    i completely agree that a lot of them and probably most of them are terrible HOWEVER i happen to know a pet shop personally that will only buy from accredited, reputable breeders and only after inspecting
    there breeding conditions.

    No one has a right to label anyone anything without checking THE FACTS for that particular person. That goes for breeders, Pet shops and pet owners.

    Don't get me wrong, i hate puppy farms as much as the next bloke. But come on.

    End rant
    Breeders that are registered with the ANKC (reputable purebred breeders) cannot sell to non PIAA pet shops - it's in breach of their code of ethics.

    There are 6 of these accredited pet shops in Australia: PIAA - Accredited Members

    OP - I hope you and your family are having a great time with new pup. I'm glad you have found your new family member. I have to admit I thought your first post was a troll-post as it came across as very stirry...

    Please bear in mind though, that not all breeders are the same, just as not all pet stores are. Just like buying a new car - you may deal with some dodgy types but that doesn't mean that everyone that ever tries to sell a car is a rip off artist.

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    Want to see photos
    Like puppies

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    Thanks for the advice, especially to Chopachop who was especially "positive". We now have a wonderful little spoodle with all the right checks and documentation. The breeders were in fact in the pet shop when we purchased at the time we were there so I had the opportunity to talk to them about their operation. My impression was that it was run on similar lines to other breeders I have engaged with albeit with golden retrievers. The shop staff also showed considerable integrity. The plain fact is that breeders are geographically remote whereas our pet shop is just down the road with the opportunity to see, feel and see the puppy's disposition. In fact in my search for the appropriate puppy I came across a couple of suspect breeders with possibly worse outcomes than a shop. Dog rescue was not an option as we were focusing on particular breeds and age profiles not found in a pound. Anyway happy days (and some hard days) ahead.

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