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Thread: Reccomendations on bathing a puppy staffy.

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    I reckon Jack had about 5 baths in his last 5 years. He hated baths and was a real pain so the only time he had one was when he'd found something really smelly to roll in. I'd just throw the ball into the water at the beach and he got his "bath" that way. Brock has had 3 or 4 baths in the 6 months i've had him, as he's easier to bathe so he gets a wash more often.

    eye boogers = wipe away with a tissue or leave them till he wipes them off
    dirty ears = don't have a clue. I've never done anything about my dogs ears.

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    Oh he's quite lovely!! Yep, gotta love the 'ear' stage lol!

    I wash mine maybe once a month and in these warmer months its easy for us as they both are in love with the hose. I also use shampoo which is designed for sensative skin, I use Qv as its soap free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMicky54321 View Post
    haha yes his ears and eyes get heaps of comments.

    what other cleaning tips do you guys recommend?

    he gets "eye boogers" every morning and dirty ears often.... how should i go about cleaning this up..

    Thanks for replies guys
    You can buy ear cleaner from most pet supplies shops. I have some for my dogs as Bella's seem to get filthy. Apparently you are suppose to do it every 6 weeks or something but I still don't even do that. Harley's are never really dirty so his are done only a couple of times a year. The eye boogers just wipe off!

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    The eye boogers, easy, get a duster rag. Keep it handy. Or tissue handy. Or wear beige or lighter colour trousers, the pup will soon work out, between your calves is the best place to clean their face. grrrrrr

    The ears; mine get fed treats whilst i 'wet wipe' the ears. Weekly if not swam. If swimming that week, that cleans them for me.
    Grooming is something as relaxed as rubbing pups all over, and finding/removing bits of twig, twine, wood? stuck in coat. To the sunday ritualistic, stand still time. On the bench these days, as i dont bend as well for long periods, having the dogs up higher helps. Consider this as a option.

    Bathing. Im from the dont folk. Dont need to, dont want to. I do however brush my dogs a lot to keep them clean. They have lovely shiny glossy, or fluffy and floaty in GSD. Both my dogs were bathed last year for first time. That was because they'd rolled in something gross and it didnt hose off. I dont show mine, so that makes a difference too.

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    Depending on how icky the eye boogers get - I just wipe off with a Kleenex dipped in warm salty water (I warm a saucer of water and salt in the microwave for 20 seconds or less). If they're getting really thick and yellow and the dog is rubbing a lot (itchy) you may need to get some ointment from the vet to treat an infection.

    Ears - you can coil a Kleenex into a cone and stuff that into the dog's ear. If it comes out wet and stinky (or the ears are stinky) again - there's some sort of infection going on and you need to get a treatment (usually ear drops). Dogs with drop ears - are very prone to ear infections. And time in water can aggravate. So remember to dry the ears when you dry the rest of the dog (car chamois leathers are great for this).

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