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Thread: New Jack Russell puppy.

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    Question New Jack Russell puppy.

    Hi all, first post and I'm looking for advice on travelling (by car) with an 8 week old Jack Russell puppy bitch (Rosie). Need to know about restraints, loo stops etc. Any info gratefully received from ppl familiar with this breed.

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    Hi 'BobA' and to the forum !

    As far as travel with your pup - I would be looking at a travel crate. There are heaps of varieties on the market - so just do a google search. As your pup is so young and little - this would be safer and more comfortable for her than a harness. Just make sure the crate is tied down/anchored properly in the car. As she gets older you may like to look at harnesses.

    With my pups (GSPs) in the past, I have stopped food and water 1 hr to 2 hrs before starting the trip - and made sure they did their business before getting in the car. Also with my pups, once the initial excitement wore off - all they did was sleep. So, you would be the best one to gauge that - but once every 2 hrs may be often enough for your little one.

    How long will the trip be ?

    Also photos of Rosie would be much appreciated !

    Hope you enjoy being a member of this very good forum !

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    I agree with the crate. A soft one is easy to put together and take down and can double as your night sleeping crate when you put the crate next to your bed so you can hear the pup and take it outside to piddle. The crate speeds up house training.

    Second recommendation may or may not be neccessary but a car sick puppy is no fun. We give our pups human vitamen B tablet half hour before travelling. If the pup starts salvating and licking lips etc., give her a ginger tablet as well.

    Good luck and enjoy your pup.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    again, i echo go with a crate. A JRT should be able to fit into a cat box you take cats to vet in. Borrow one from a friend for pup size, or go to car boot sale and get one.

    Asleep is a great cure for travel sickness. So feed 4 hrs before journey, then tire your pup before journey. Voila snoozing dog. I carry a towel on journeys since our pup puked into the leather door well of my then boyfriends car, oops! lol

    A harness and leash that clips into the seat belt are readily available in stores, both dear and cheap. For a teeny tiny dog like the JRT, cheaper could work, as it doesnt have a lot of weight to harness.

    But first option, crate. And the crate should be in back seat, not front.
    Start doing with your pup, what you will be doing with it when its adult.
    ps. they cry at first in cars. so a decent new album to drown out the noise for the car stereo.

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