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    Hallo everyone,
    we have now for 3 weeks a 17 weeks old puppy at home, while he is good with the kids he seems not to like adults. When ever I come out he runs off or my wife goes towards him he sniffs a bit on her hand and than walks off! I tried to briebe him with food, but it does not looks like it helps a lot. Now one problem which could be, I am the bad guy who gives him the earmites treartment who got to wash him und does all the other things which has to be done, and I leave the feeding to the kids.
    Now that might be one problem, but what could I do that he learns to trust me more?
    Or is it quiet normal for puppys that they trust kids more than adults, when they have the choice? Or could someone give me an idea for a good tread for a Border Collie? In the moment I give him some meet from this dog sauges!
    Cheers Klaus!

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    I would try and start feeding him if you can and do more fun things with him like walking, playing etc. I think at 17 weeks it is probably too early for him to have an aversion to adults unless he has been seriously abused before.

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    The dog will probably bond with the one who spends the time feeding and training. It took my BC a while to figure this out, she still responds to my husband but has recognised me as "the one", it took longer than I expected.My BC is not particularly food interested but loves games. It was after I had time on a holiday break and spent time with her that she decided I was hers. her best training time is first thing in the morning when she is actually hungry.
    You could take on some basic training e.g. "sit" before feeding and feed the dog. The dog will recognise you as an important holder of resources, my BC is not particularly food interested but loves games (totally ball obsessed these days). It was after I had time on a holiday break and spent time with her that she decided I was hers.
    I think spending time with the dog is important, it is easy for the children to run around and the pup will find them fun to follow and you not so much! Play with the dog.Investigate clicker training, they love it. At 14 weeks he may have had some unpleasant grumpy adult experiences, not necessarily abuse. They are very sensitive dogs and respond to bad moods very quickly.
    I came across a farmer who switched from BC to kelpies as if he got grumpy and swore at the dogs the BC's got terribly upset! and he loves his dogs.
    A bit like kids they need your time The best treats are games - hide the biscuit under something, chase the toy, . Very smart dogs of course.

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    Thanks for all your suggestions!
    farrview ,
    the problem is that he is not even comming to me, so there is no chance I can do anything with him!
    One think I tried yesterday, when me and my daughter went for a walk with him i send her off so he can not see her anymore and then I walked around with him to look for her! I will do that more often, and hope it will help to build trust between him and me! The other think is, in 2 weeks time I will start doggy training with him in an dog club here in my area, will see how that goes!

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    Talk to the dog like he is a human adult. Do not raise or lower your tone of voice at any time but try smiling when you talk to him, seriously - smile while you talk. Also, when it is time for him to eat, should still be getting 2 meals a day, take the pup into a closed room by yourself and feed him his meal by hand - from a spoon if it is wet food. If you have a tiled floor ( like in a bathroom) then you can start by dropping a small spoon full a little way away from you. Keep this distance until you can see the pup is happy and then bring the food drops closer and closer but slowly - over days rather than hours.

    When you walk the dog always have tasty treats in your pocket and give him lots of rewards - every few paces to start with.

    If you get to play any sort of game, remeber to reward him liberally for playing with you.
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    Thanks Nev,
    I will try that!

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