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Thread: Best Puppy Info

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    Default Puppy pics still no name....

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    Wow so much great information.

    Socialisation is so important. Lol and from experience I have one other. You said your getting a labradoodle, I have a moodle and dont let their gorgeous fluffiness fool you they are very very smart Make sure you dont let things slide and just think awww shes just a baby i will deal with that later. I did that so many times and ended up have to start all over again with a 2 year old cheeky dog not a pup lol. Especially things like jumping up when your eating. Much easier to address now than later.

    Just enjoy you'll have soooo much fun and do great!

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    Hi Doodle

    My favourite starting point for puppy raising is dog star daily
    Dog Training Digital Textbook | Dog Star Daily

    Personally if I wanted a cross breed - I would go to the pound or a rescue organisation and get one of those. At the moment the Labradoodle is not recognised by the ANKC so if you wanted to compete in any of their sports events - you would have to get your dog desexed. Which is annoying because for Agility you don't want to get the dog desexed before it's 18 months old. Then again - my dog got desexed at 8 weeks old.

    And you could only show a labradoodle at "labradoodle shows". I'm not sure if that's something you're into or not but some puppy buyers have been mislead by some "designer" dog breeders about what they can do with their dog in showing and competing in sports like obedience and agility or even "conformation" shows.

    And some labradoodles shed. Lots. And some have major problems because they've been bred labradoodle to labradoodle so no hybrid vigor there - and end up with genetic problems. It depends on what your breeder does. Do they test for genetic problems like Hip Displasia and PRA (eye problems) before they decide which dogs to mate together? You could ask to see hip score results and xrays.

    Another thing I would be concerned about is how much human and dog contact does your puppy get before you take it home. Is that you holding the puppy? I'd be optimistic about this. If it's them. Not so sure. Some "designer dog" breeders have many many dogs breeding and puppies and they do not spend enough time with all of them to ensure the puppies like people and other dogs. Your puppy should be at least 8 weeks old before you take it home - or it misses out with socialising with its litter mates and mum and misses out on extra immunity from her milk.

    My cousin has a labradoodle and it's scared of everything. My neighbour has a schnoodle and it hates all other dogs, barks all the time, and kills any bird that lands in its back yard. The schnoodle would probably be ok if my neighbour knew how to train it. Sadly if my dog barks - it barks - and then it gets thumped. Fortunately my dog doesn't bark much.

    The other thing I'd want to know is if the doodle I was not allowed to desex - became really obnoxious because of that - would I be allowed to desex early (eg 6 months old not 2 years), if not - would the breeder take the dog back to rehome elsewhere and refund your money?

    RSPCA has a lot of info about responsible breeding practice.

    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    And you may also want to read this - from the first labradoodle breeder.
    Whose bright idea was that? | Science | The Guardian

    Having given you all the dark side info - if you do decide to go ahead with labrad oodle, you are welcome to come back here and post stories and ask for info or advice.

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