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Thread: Found two worms in urine, and sometimes to goes a bit crazy whilst asleep.

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    Default Found two worms in urine, and sometimes to goes a bit crazy whilst asleep.

    Hi everyone.

    I'm worried about my new pup again. She went to the vet yesterday and the vet gave her a big de-worming dose. The vet told us that if she has any worms in her that they'll come out through her poo.

    My pup had two accidents in the bathroom today, and both times I found a little worm in her urine.

    This seems off to me - as I thought worms only came out through a dogs poo?

    Bit worried.

    Ill call the vet tomorrow but I'm not sure if this is normal?

    She also did a strange thing tonight whilst sleeping. She was asleep but her eyes were a little open - I could see the whites of her eyes and she started making little noises and twitching a lot in her sleep. Her eyes were rolling around and she was twitching, Sometimes quite violently. When I woke her up she was fine, so I'm not sure if its just a dream?

    I feel like a paranoid parent. Lol. Worried about everything!

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    'Shonnie Bee' - for your first query - I have never heard of worms in pup's urine - but as your pup is under vet care and just recently was wormed - it could have been flushed out of hair in that area and not actually coming from the bladder. Pups need worming every two weeks up to 12 weeks of age.

    Here is a link which shows all the usual type of worms that dogs can be found with:

    Intestinal Worms in Dogs

    Second query - yes - she was just dreaming - very normal! Another couple of links for you:

    Blog - Do Dogs Dream?
    Dog Dreaming - YouTube This last link is like how Riley carries on sometimes !

    Please don't be afraid to ask heaps of questions ! You are not being paranoid or silly ! That is how we all learn. Your Vet is there to answer questions and support you in caring for your pup the best way that you can !

    The only silly questions around - are the ones not asked - because then they are not answered ! So keep on asking any question you like - and to whom you like !

    BTW - time for some new photos ?

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    Thanks for the response Riley - she seems to be perfectly fine now. It only happened twice (the worm thing), and there aren't any other visible signs of illness.

    Glad to hear her crazy sleeping is normal too. Hahaha.

    I'm in Sydney at the moment on a Yoga Retreat and missing her like crazy! I can't wait to get home so I can see her again. Lol. My boyfriend has been very good and has been sending me videos of her. He took her away to his parents house on the weekend, and she got to hang out with two cocker spaniels which is great. One of them has had a lot of behavioural problems (his name is Scrumpy) and he wasn't very pleased to have a new puppy in the house stealing all the attention. He growled at her a lot, but she didn't seem to mind. Here is a cute video of her digging and getting his face all dirty. So adorable!

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    Loved the video ! She really is a cute and sassy little fluff ball ! Pleased to see that she is allowed to get dirty !

    Good news that her health is good and that you will see her again soon !

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    OMG those eyes. So cute!

    You got yourself a digger! lol
    bet that gets less funny as each week goes by. Maybe consider a digging pit for your pup. One of those clam shell ones, with dirt in. Try 'hiding' dog food in it for it to 'find'. Keeps them out of digging your garden sometimes.

    Puppies are so cute. Seems eons away that ours was that cutey.

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    lol the dreaming is normal...I have often woken up to a wildly shaking dog who whines and bad that at first I though she was epileptic lol. She almost always shows the white of her eyes.

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    My puppy yelped in her sleep and gave me an awful fright as I thought something was wrong with her, but she is fine and must have just been dreaming. I worry about my little one all the time too. Can't help it when we love them so much.

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