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Thread: Got my puppy yesterday, she doesn't seem to pee / poo much.. should I go to the vet?

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    Yep. It's hard not to want to bite her little face off. She is so cute

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    'Shonnie Bee' - thank you for the photos ! She is gorgeous ! What a cheeky little face she has! She will definitely keep you on your toes !

    Looking good with the clicker training ! Keep up the good work !
    Love Kikopup - she makes things look soooo easy !

    Just remember - that at this age - their minds are like sponges - but they have the attention span of gnats ! So short sessions are best.

    Don't worry about the mistakes regarding toilet training - again she is only very young. She will get there in the end. The most important times to take her out for toileting are- as soon as she wakes up at any time during the night or day and straight after drinking and/or eating.

    Try and reward all good behaviour and ignore or redirect bad behaviour. If you are out in the backyard playing with her and she does go to the toilet - don't forget to reward then also !

    Using a command word for toileting is very useful - just a suggestion ! I have done that with all my pups ! Sure makes visiting different places very easy !

    Keep up the good work and news and of course - photos !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shonnie Bee View Post
    Oooh photos! Certainly.

    I've been watching the Kikopup You Tube videos and we've already started our clicker training. She is learning really quickly and she has already stopped 'mugging' my hand for treats. She also makes eye contact when I say her name, and we've just started trying out the 'sit' command with the clicker and treats. Learning so quickly!

    She has peed and pooed in the office today (woops), but I've taken her pee and poo outside, so I'm hoping when I take her out each hour she'll know where to go now.

    And of course.. Photos galore! I've made her a Facebook page so I don't overload my friends with nothing but puppy photos.. Hahaha..

    Here are some pics Attachment 11173
    Attachment 11174
    Attachment 11175

    Aww, She looks like a little teddy bear
    Sounds like things are working out for you and your pup

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    Lumen is a cutie!
    Are you crate training her? If not, look into it, it's well worth it in the long run.

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