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Thread: Want to get a puppy as playmate for our 14 month old German Shepherd (male)

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    Default Want to get a puppy as playmate for our 14 month old German Shepherd (male)

    Hi, I had a question and wonder if anyone could help me or give me some suggestions. We (myself and my partner) are looking to add a second dog to our family. We currently have a 14 month old German Shepherd male who is NOT desexed (may be bred from in future). He is approx 40 kg at the moment. He is extremely well socialised with many different breeds of dogs and loves to play with any dog who will play with him, regardless of if they are big or small. We have actually not long ago got a Siberian Husky (male, desexed, 14 months) and tried that out - unfortunately the Husky who was excellent with people and kids, did not like our dear old GSD at all and they were NOT a compatible match. So the Husky has been re-homed and we are now ready to try again. This time we think we will get a puppy (8 weeks old) from a breeder direct. It will be a female. For breed we are thinking a Rottweiler. Do people agree this would be a good match and what can you tell me about your experiences with Rottis both as puppies and adults? P.S. our GSD is strongly bonded to my partner and although he likes me too you can tell his main connection is with my man. I would prefer the puppy to be strongly bonded to me. Thanks for listening and any suggestions would be great

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    If you are to get another dog I would be getting a bitch, spey it at around 6 months and you should be fine. Definitely go with a good registered breeder for your rottweiler as there are a lot of health and temperament issues to contend with. Matches are more about the dogs personalities then they are the breed, I have had a variety of breeds get along together because the personalities were compatible, but I also laid down the law and stuck to it.

    As for bonding the dog chooses, not the human. If you want to encourage a bond do all the groundwork with the pup and limit highly positive exposure with your partner from 8 weeks up until about 5-6 months.

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    Firstly desex your GSD unless you are a registered breeder, there are far too many GSDs in pounds and shelters now and you are just adding to the problem.

    As Nekhbet said a bitch would be the best option and desex her too. I have a GSD dog (10 yrs) a Rottie bitch (9 yrs) and a GSD bitch (10 mths) all desexed of cause and get on reasonably well as the puppy wants to play too often so my boy puts her in her place. Don't know about Rotties but with GSDs a dog bitch combo is the best to avoid fights etc.
    My GSD boy likes both of us and follows me around the house and sits near me but will not sit on the lounge with either of us, I think it's a male thing. Welcome to the forum.
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