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I slept with my puppies in a cardboard box appropriate to their size next to my bed when I was toilet training them. I got up once during the night and sometimes you just have to be patient and persistent. Or maybe try and get up about 5 am and go with her outside. Hard work but worth it when they catch on and it is great have a dog that will toilet on command especially when travelling with them.

Puppies also tend to pee shortly after they have eaten so that is a good opportunity to take them outside and ask them to go pee pee or whatever word you use. Always have a bit of a party when they anti up.

Crate training can be done later if you cant afford a crate now. I crate trained my first dogs when they were adults. Crates are a good investment over the years.
I meant to mention - we invested in a crate and so far she absolutely loves it. She hasn't had any accidents inside the house since then, but probably because I've been getting up at 3am and 5am to take her out. I think something clicked for her this morning because she was keen to get straight outside, pee and then sit and wait at the door.

We have also been going on little walks every day which has helped us to bond even more - the training has been a lot more successful because of it.

I'm feeling a lot more hopeful now, thanks to everyone's advice! Both myself, my partner and Taija are under a lot of stress right now with our living situation; it's no wonder there have been a few hiccups. Hopefully it will all be sorted out very soon and we can all get settled in!