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Thread: Pug x Toy Poodle with a Limp in Back Leg - would you buy?

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    Default Pug x Toy Poodle with a Limp in Back Leg - would you buy?

    Hey everyone,

    Want to start by saying thank you in advance for all the great advice I gather from this site. It's very helpful!

    I'm currently looking at my purchasing a dog, and I've found a Pug x Toy Poodle (the cross breed I wanted), male dog in New South Wales. I had a chat to the current owner, and she said that he was the only surviving dog from the litter. The mama didn't want to look after the pups, so they were hand raised, and this little guy survived. He's 3.5 months old now, she wanted to make sure he was strong before she sold him. He's more of a 'rescue' dog (priced quite low).

    That didn't bother me too much - but she mentioned that he had a limp in his back leg. She took him to the vet, and the vet said it's a ligament problem he's had since birth, and chances are that he'll grow out of it. The current owner says it's fine in the morning, you can't see a limp, but in the evening after he's been running around like crazy you start to see him limp a little.

    I've been doing some internet research, and I have seen some evidence that pups quite often grow out of limps - but I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? I definitely want to get a Pug x Toy Poodle or some other kind of cross breed or even a rescue dog. I'm not fussed on having a perfect pup, but I think the limp concerns me a little!

    Any feedback would be awesome.


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    I'd feel safer giving a stranger my credit card and PIN number than touching that poor dog......sorry, but it sounds like a great way to end up broke and heart broken.

    I'm no expert but from what i've read there are alot of unhealthy Pugs out there......and anything with 'toy' in it's name rings alarm bells for me. I did puppy kindy with a toy poodle. It was so tiny and timid. It looked like a gust of wind would send it cartwheeling.

    Just my opinion.....good luck with whatever choice you make.

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    Run like Hell, you are being conned. Might want to try rescue if I were you, as there are plenty of dogs looking for homes and might work out much cheaper too.
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    Like the other two, i wouldn't go near that dog unless you want to risk lots of big vet bills across it's life. Might also be worth searching through the forum for threads with the reasons why you don't want to buy a designer dog

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    They are right, although I am impressed the seller is being honest about there being a problem. No one can be sure it will be OK and once you get the pup you will fall in love and be up for potential heartbreak.
    If you were buying a car and there was an unidentified noise " that is most probably nothing" you wouldn't continue to purchase without being very sure it wasn't going to cost you a great deal of money to fix. At least with a car your heart won't be broken in the process!
    Be very careful.

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    I would not touch any dog with a limp, rescue or not. And reduced price does not mean rescue by the way

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    Luxating patella/s and or hip dysplasia are both very real possibilities in a cross like this. Both breeds are known for either condition and I would seriously doubt the parents of this pup come from screened stock.

    And as for a ligament problem it will grow out of - I've never heard of anything like that. It sounds like a very strange story indeed. Or even a fabrication...

    Buyer beware. And run away. Very far away.

    The only thing being rescued here is the "breeder" who sounds like they should be arranging some vet treatment for this pup and will be saved from that cost if some sucker buys it.

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