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    Hey Everyone,
    My name is Aaron,
    I recently got an american staffy pup.
    He is about 9 weeks old now, I feed him all good quality food,
    Weetbix for breakfast, Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy dry food for lunch and Fresh meat for dinner either Kangaroo Mince, or Some sort of chicken.
    My problem is since i started feeding him the kangaroo mince he is having really bad Fieces problems. His poo is really dark and runny.
    Just wondering if anyone has had this problem before so i can be sure that it is the Kangaroo meat. Im going to feed him chicken tips and minced carcaces for now and see weather that changes the problem.
    He went to the vet a week ago to get vaccinated and he was fine.

    He seems to love biting everyone at the moment I am hoping that it will eventually where out.
    Thanks, Aaron

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    Hi Aaron and welcome to the forum
    Lucky you having a new puppy! I miss those puppy days.
    I'm not an expert but I wouldn't be feeding weetbix (human food) to your pup. Did your pup's breeder say to do this?
    I'm wondering if you introduced the roo mince too quickly? It's important to introduce new food very slowly to avoid digestive upset, no sudden changes or your pup will get lot's of tummy problems.
    Maybe stick to the Eukanuba for all 3 meals until his bowels settle, then gradually introduce raw.
    Have you wormed him since you've had him?

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    It's probably too rich for him at this stage, start him on chicken mince and build him up slowly. Also chuck the weet-bix they're useless for a dog.

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    What Nekh said.

    Roo mince is too rich for many dogs.

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    Hey, thanks.
    My boxer has always loved weet bix thats why i was giving it to my puppy. lol.
    I will give the roo to my bigger dog and keep the puppy on two serves of eukanuba and one of chicken.
    Has anyone used the eukanuba puppy stuff? I bought it because the guy at pet stock recommended it.

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    I used the eukenuba puppy/adult for both of my AmStaffies with no issues!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Maybe small amount of cooked white rice and chicken, recommended to me when my pup got the runs. Very gentle on the tum.
    Puppies do react to changes in their diet. It is unfortunate as this is just when we are trying to toilet train them. Every time I gave Maggie any carbs ( biscuits or cereals) she got the runs... But it will resolve for you
    I got my pup already on raw so I stuck with it (from a farm and roos shot weekly). I was warned that roo is a bit rich and a bit lean even for her who was raised on it.
    She now gets a mix of chicken carcasses minced, minced lamb and some beef basically. You could try barf if you want to do raw. Heaps of information here about raw and cooked diets. Just check that the main ingredients are protein not cereal or you will be paying for a lot of filler that will be dumped on your lawns.

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    Well check with your breeder to see what she'he fed your puppy. Start from there and slowly introduce the healthier and more nutritious options as the puppy's system can't change so suddenly without upsets. And like everyone else says, chuck the weetbix, cheap grains are rubbish (like corn and grain) for you puppy. they need meat. Real meat.

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