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Thread: Weak back legs in puppy

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    Smile Weak back legs in puppy


    Our 7 month old male Jack Russell cross Foxy has had weak back legs since he was a puppy. His back feet have 6 toes and point outwards, in a position the vet described as similar to duck feet. He has never been able to jump up onto the couch etc. unlike his sister (who is in perfect health). We thought he was just a late bloomer, as he was the runt of the litter.

    However, just in the last couple of weeks he has started limping, and he has seemingly not been putting his full weight on his back legs whilst walking and standing. He sits with his legs and hips to the side and never in a normal sitting position. He has minimal muscle tone in his back legs and looks quite thin. His front legs and chest are well built and muscular. He eats, barks and cuddles normally and has not displayed any sign of pain, but maybe he's just a brave little boy and is used to the feeling?

    We are taking him to the vet, and would also love to know if anyone has knowledge of this problem.

    Thanks so much.
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    I have no idea sorry, just wishing you and little Jack the best of luck

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    Thanks so much for your well wishes! We'll see how he goes. Fingers crossed for a not serious diagnosis.

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    Hi 'We love Jack' and to the forum !

    This doesn't sound good for your little pup ! There could be all sorts of things happening here and being the runt of the litter is probably not helping him.

    Good luck with your vet visit and I hope your little pup can be helped.

    Just a bit of advice - if suggested by the vet that an operation is needed - please get a second opinion.

    One of my GSPs years ago had problems like this. I got an x-ray done by the vet - but as he was only six months old - I was not going to put him through an operation when he hadn't finished growing yet.

    So, I found a chiropractor who treated him and changed his exercise to a lot of swimming. He was able to build up his back end to give more support to his hips and never needed an operation.

    So don't rush into stuff and I hope you find answers to what is the problem with your pup.

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    Thanks for your welcome RileyJ! Your advice is very much appreciated.

    A highly recommended Aussie acupuncturist called, 'The Horse Healer', is treating Jack today to loosen up his muscles etc.
    This treatment will be of benefit to our little guy no matter what the final diagnosis. 'The Horse Healer' treats horses, cows and dogs, has had great results, and works with chiropractors too.

    We will follow your advice and get a second opinion before any decision is made about surgery. Hopefully surgery will not be required!

    Thanks again

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    'We love Jack' - really good news !

    I am really pleased you are going the
    acupuncturist way and I hope that you will see good results reasonably quickly.

    Tell us how your pup goes with the treatment !

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    Will do! Good idea about swimming too.

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    Wish you the best

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