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Thread: Can't deside, WHAT BREED FOR US?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoppaChop View Post

    Goindeep for someone who didn't want to start an argument you just did pretty darn well in getting one of the ground......

    Facts eh ?
    Care to show me the 'facts' that prove Bully breeds are more 'prone' to attack ?

    There are large numbers of family people here on the forum,with kids no less that own Bull breeds , including a Bull Mastiff ( though he's really a super model and Sean just tries to make him think he's a dog) myself included.

    Seriously though , that is a pretty loaded comment?
    I dont care much for arguments.

    It is a personal belief based on both experience and having read enough.

    Thanks, no hard feelings.

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    I'm not that fond of arguments myself GID.

    But how can you state that these 'facts' are through personal experience and reading enough ? You seriously must see the flaws in that logic?

    As I said, could you enlighten me to a few of these 'facts' ?
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    There's some "facts" here.

    Dog Attack Reporting - Department of Local Government

    I don't think Choppachop is going to like them.

    The 2010-11 report has a listing sorted by % of the breed involved in attacks - that get reported.

    NSW has mandatory reporting of dog attacks that end up in hospital. And we have to take various people's best guess on what breed a dog is. Though - the most common place for a dog bite to occur - is in the family back yard by the family dog. Usually on the family child.

    And given I heard a story recently about a Rottweiler put to sleep for biting a child - the parents were so surprised their dog would do that - they paid for a full autopsy - to check for contributing factors like brain tumors. And - they found a pencil rammed in the dog's ear. Obviously - they'd trained the dog well enough - but not the child.

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    And surprisingly (not really) the Labrador is rated higher in the latest NSW wide report than the APBT.

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    It doesn't surprise me that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is up the top of the list, they are a pretty popular dog. It does surprise me that the Labrador is so low though.

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    At our dog beach there are 10 SBTs for every 1 ACD.
    So those numbers make the ACD look bad, however
    if those ACDs bit a stranger entering their own property
    then yep, that would sound right.
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    Those stats include "rushing" which can be classed as an attack even though no contact is made. So yes, can include dogs defending their property that never leave the fence.

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    Exactly Nat.

    Wonder how many of those stats are just that, rushing at someone/thing from behind a fence or even on lead.

    I witnessed a dog owner here on the weekend receive an on the spot $500 Dangerous Dog Infringment ( dont ask about our local ACO and I wont need to swear or say nasty things p) ) What did it do to deserve this? Said persons dog lunged at end of the lead very strongly , so strong in fact it almost flipped itself over , at another dog only feet away.

    The defining factors here though are ;
    A - The dog in question was a Stafford mix.
    B - The dog in question was a boisterous 7 month old.
    C - The dog it 'rushed' was also initiating playful behaviour.
    D ; The dog it 'rushed' belonged to the Officers Sister in Law. the stats on that would be another dog of pit bull type attacked another dog that was on lead and it was not under effective control.

    Yes,I have since spoken with these people and advised them of their rights and laws if any that pertain to them.

    So I guess I'm a tad jaded when it comes to 'stats as facts' .

    Also as Jadee said , the Stafford is the number 1 dog in popularity and of course will reflect in numbers. And yes , if we went into detail etc my money is on the Lab and the Cattle Dogs moving up in the list quite dramaticly.
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    Well get a labrdaor?? They are pretty nice but quite big. Easily trained and not as active as some dogs out there.

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