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Thread: 2 Weeks, 2 Pups & 900 Grams ...

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    Talking 2 Weeks, 2 Pups & 900 Grams ...

    ... and so wriggly!

    Hooray! Almost the end of week two and the puppies have hit 500g & 400g respectively, growing steady at about 8-10% from day to day.

    Eyes still closed, ears starting to open and they're moving around the whelping box like nobody's business! I'm still surprised they managed to find their way around even with their eyes closed. Just one or two sniffs in the air and they seem to know where mum is! If I blow lightly on them they now turn and crawl my direction!

    The pups are starting to respond to be rubbed and scratched and can hold their head up high. Walking is still a bit wobbly and their favourite trick is to stand up, wobble, stumble about 3 or 4 steps forward then roll over!

    Mum seems more confident this week to leave the puppies alone for small amounts of time, but any mewing and she's back in the whelping box like a flash! Puppies are more comfortable to laze about by themselves until dinner time and there is nothing I can discern as "play" between the two.

    I even saw a puppy poo this week but the mum was quick to eat it up as I went for the tissue box.

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    Just about to get some shut-eye and I noticed a little pair of squinty eyes looking at me! I can see a tiny bit of moisture around the other puppies eyes so she'll probably be all bright-eyed by the time I wake up!

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    They sound like they are doing great...good work

    They are just sooo adorable

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    I agree with ozeymum, they sound like they are doing really well And sounds like your doing a great job as well Looking forward to seeing more photos of their progress! Have you named them?
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    They sound like they're looked after well.
    Well done!
    They're soooo cute!

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    How adorable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ally_xx View Post
    Looking forward to seeing more photos of their progress! Have you named them?
    Thanks everyone for the good cheer!

    I've put a few new pictures of them every week in my Photo Albums here on Dog Forum.

    They've got fairly generic identifying names at the moment, but I was going to wait until the 3+ week mark to see how their personalities developed before I officially named them. K9's puppy calendar seems to indicate that this might be the time they start responding to sound as well.

    Ha ha ha ... I can't pick out too good a name for the pups because then my kids will end up with all the "rejected" names.

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    They are adorable

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    Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them so we can all get a baby fix!

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