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Thread: Bathroom issues in the morning.

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    Default Bathroom issues in the morning.

    I have a six month cavoodle puppy who requires me to take him outside first thing in the morning to go to the bathroom; during the week this isn't a problem, however on weekends when I want to sleep in he leaves me presents in the lounge room.

    He has access to a dog door that he uses the rest of the day to come and go as he pleases.

    He is rewarded for going to the bathroom outside and sent outside with the door locked when he does it inside. He knows he's done something wrong, how can I get him to use the door in the morning???

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    Entice him thru the dog door of a morning, I imagine you have been opening the door or carrying him out.

    He doesn't know he's done something wrong, dogs don't do revenge or things that they know will get them into trouble, they just do things to suit themselves.

    He may get distracted of a morning or he may not be adjusting to the change in routine of having to take himself out on the weekends.

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    Is the dog door left unlocked 24/7 ?

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    He's being lazy because he's got no reason to go outside to poop. He reasons that if you don't take him outside, he can poop wherever he likes.

    Try making him go through the dog door every morning before he poops. Every time he uses the dog door first thing in the morning, give him a treat and tell him he's a clever dog. When he goes through the dog door and then poops, lose your mind and act like he's the greatest dog who ever lived, with excited praise and treats. The key here is to communicate that the act of using the dog door + pooping is AWESOME, so the dog knows it's what he's supposed to do in the morning. You want to eventually get the process to be automatic and gradually reduce your involvement.

    First you might go outside then call him through the dog door and tell him to go poos. When you've got that down after a week or so, try staying inside and gesturing to the dog door and telling him to go poos so he goes out by himself. Then one morning just don't do anything and see what happens. It is more than likely that his brain will be in a routine of going outside to poop all by himself.

    There's no point in punishing him or telling him off after he's pooped inside if you don't catch him in the act. He may look guilty but it's just because he can see you're upset, he doesn't connect the past with the present. Dogs' minds don't work that way, they're not capable of connecting something they did 30 minutes ago with your disapproval now.

    He doesn't think "my owner is upset because I pooped on the floor earlier", he thinks "my owner is upset with me for some unknown reason, she's pointing at this poop and using an angry voice. I'd better cringe and look sad so I don't cop too much of a telling off." Punishing him might even be counterproductive since you're using the back yard as a sin bin. Stop sending him outside as a punishment and start only treating the backyard as a special happy place.
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    yes, the dog door is only locked when he's outside being punished.

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    Thanks Mosh, you've given me a lot to consider. :-)

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    I agree that the dog probably has no idea that him being locked outside is punishment for something he has done. Time out can be an effective strategy but only if the dog is able to correct his behaviour. I use it when my dog jumps up on visitors, but lock her in the laundry for no longer than a minute. Then she can come back to show she can do calm greetings and gets lots of praise if she does.

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    My dog only gets locked outside, when she doesn't come in when I tell her I'm "shutting the door".

    I'm not willing to leave the back door open all night. Or when I'm putting my pjs on.

    She's usually much more prompt five minutes later when I open it to check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa07 View Post
    Thanks Mosh, you've given me a lot to consider. :-)
    No worries, happy to help

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