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    Hi, my puppy keeps being on my mat as it thinks its a giant pee pad. She uses the real pee pad at night which is good but during the day pees on my beautiful cream rug. Has anyone got any suggestions :/

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    Hi Madame Fluff! Welcome to the forum
    Ahhh, the joys of rearing puppies!!
    Does the pup pee on the pads at night because it doesn't have access to the rug?
    I'd suggest cleaning the rug and packing it away for a month or more.
    Puppy will continue to pee on the rug if it can smell that it's been there before. I forget what's best for getting rid of the scent, hopefully others can help with this.

    Love to hear more about your pup. Age, breed etc & lots of pics

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    I agree, puppies are naturally drawn to absorbent areas for toileting, hence they always miss the floor boards/tiles/lino and go on the rug.

    All my rugs door mats etc get removed when puppies are very young.

    Also make sure you are careful what you wash the rug with, certain cleaning products attract dogs back to the area. Products like Bio-zet and Nappysan are good (though be careful the rug is colourfast) with a table spoon of vinegar in the final rinse.

    Think small child when you have a puppy, if you value it remove it.
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    Cleanup - blot up as much as possible. Then vinegar and bicab soda and finish with a light spray of lavendar oil (1/4teaspoon in 500ml water).

    Do not use bleach as that smells like dog pee.

    And what the others said is right. If the rug is there, the dog will pee on it. You could try putting a pee pad near it or removing the rug. Or using the umbilical cord system when the puppy is in the same room as the rug - ie tie the dog to you by a lead.

    Ultimately - if a puppy pees where you don't want - you have not been vigilant enough - as soon as puppy nose goes to the floor grab the puppy immediately (not in a minute when I finish this cos by then puppy has finished too). and put puppy where you want puppy to pee. Praise and treat when puppy goes where you want, and use a cue word like "go potty".

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    I would clean your rug with 50% water and 50% vinegar, puppies sense of smell is many times greater than ours. Have you noticed she starts sniffing around just before she wees, she smells your rug and wees on it. It's been 10 years since I had a puppy,(10 wks) so I've never heard of puppy pads as I used newspaper which I imagine would be much cheaper too.

    Get say 6 sheets of newspaper and on the first sheet place some wee, then place the 6 sheets where you want puppy to wee. Puppy sniffs around and wees on the newspaper, problem solved and don't forget to praise her and give her a treatie. Never punish you pup if she wees elsewhere as this solves nothing, good luck.
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