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Thread: 14 week old won't pee or poop outside

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    Default 14 Week old Amstaff Toilet Trainging Disaster!

    Hi Pawfectionist, yourself and Dogman may be able to help me also. I'm desperate!!!

    I own a 13 week old Amstaff Pedigree, and we are also having issues tiolet training.

    I've had him 4 weeks now, purchased from a reputable breeder and he has a lovely temperment, trains well, loves the physical and mental stimulation that he receives from our short training, play and excorsise sessions, but the toilet training is becomming very frustrating.

    I think I've confused him and I've tried corrective methods but nothing sticks. I'm becomming very frustrated and have even gotten agressive at times as I'm wondering if he's just not listening to me? He's very stubborn when he wants to be. He's not desexed.

    The breeder didn't do much toilet training so he is used to going where he wants.

    The first week I had him I was reluctant to leave him outside in the heat, so I had him indoors for over 10 days and he became used to eliminating wherever he needed. He now has built an association and prefers to eliminate on tiles or soft surfaces like carpet.
    I've tried the following;
    - Watch him 24/7 and catch him in the act, say a firm no, take him to the potty spot and use a word association and praise. (This was working fine for a week and he caught on, then when I stopped watching Caser like a hawk, he went backward)
    -He began eliminating in the house again, he'd just disapear and an hour later I'd slip on doggy pee on the tiles. I didn't start reprimanding him unless caught in the act until last week.
    I would clean up the mess with no fuss, and wait for the next one.
    -Another week later I realised my word association and taking him to the potty spot didn't work. I would go outside with Caeser take him to the potty spot, use my command and wait for half an hour and sometimes he'd go, sometimes he wouldn't. If he didn't go straight away I'd wait, then use the command again when he eliminated with lots of praise.
    -I realise he is either ignoring me, doesnt' need to go, or he has not learnt the word association,
    -I realised yesterday that he has actually jumped up onto the couch inside and elimated on the couch!!! And my bed!! He's gone in the car, in my mums car,, etc etc.

    This infuriated me and I just dont' know what to do.

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    Hi newstaffowner.84

    Puppies are monsters and can drive you nuts, especially toilet training. I'm no expert as my last pup a GSD (10 wks) was 10 yrs ago, as I said in this thread I used newspaper which worked very well. Toilet training takes time and I'm sure some learn faster than others but they do come good in the end.

    Once you get him to wee or poo on the newspaper always make a big fuss and say "good boy Caeser" and "who's a good boy" and give him a treatie. As he's only 13 wks old and you've had him just a short time you can't expect too much, if you see him sniffing around then you know he looking for somewhere to wee. Pick him up and take him to the newspaper and he should go, when he gets older take him outside and tell him "Go wee wee" and when he does tell him how good he is and give him a treatie and in time he will get the massage hopefully.

    My new rescue GSD girl Chloe was 7.5 mths old when we got her, she had never been in a house or Toilet trained and is now 10 mths old and fully toilet trained and has house manners but still bites and chews because she's still a puppy. The first day we got her she weed in the hall so I said nothing and cleaned it up, because she's older I took her outside every hour or so and said "Go wee wee Chloe" and if she did I'd praise her and give her a treatie. Now every few hours I say "Go wee wee Chloe" and she runs outside with my other GSD and Rottie and when they go wee wee I say how good they are and give them a treatie. My GSD Rex who is 10 yrs old comes and tells me when he wants to go outside to wee and he wants his treatie too.

    Anyway I hope this has been of help to you, I had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy until this little monster for mine came along. Welcome to the forum and keep us up to date, good luck.
    Chloe & Zorro
    Rottweilers and German Shepherds are Family

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    Hi newstaffowner! I'm no expert but I wouldn't let a pup that young have free run of the house. I'd be confining him to one area in the house where you can keep an eye on him, preferably in a pen with a crate, and take him out to the toileting spot every hour or so, and always after sleep and meals. You will need to set your alarm and take him out every few hours at night. You will soon figure out how often he needs to go. Give him praise and a high value treat (piece of steamed chicken or something he loves) when he pees or poops in the right place. LOTS of patience required during toilet training. I'm sure you will get good advice from others on this forum who are dog behaviourists.
    Hang in there, stay calm!
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    Grevillea is spot on. You need to go back to basics and start from square 1 again. Your puppy is not ranked to run around the house on his own, he's just a baby so don't let him out of your sight unless he's locked in his crate. Make a sharp noise like clapping or maybe use one of these when you spot him squatting to wee or poo. You want to startle him into stopping what he's doing, then rush him outside. When he goes to the toilet outside, act like he's just conjured a million bucks out of thin air. He'll learn to associate going outside with excited praise, and going inside with unpleasant scares.

    Like Grevillea said, time his toilet needs and don't give him an opportunity to wee inside. You're going to need to stay out there for a while the first few times, but eventually he'll get used to toileting outside through a combination of praise and repetition.

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