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Thread: New labrador and moving.

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    Default New labrador and moving.

    Hi guys,

    We will be getting our new Labrador half way through December and thankfully my girlfriend will be on holidays then so she can spend a lot of time with her.
    One big problem though is we are moving to a new house hopefully at the end of January. The block will be significantly larger which will be great for our little pup.

    Has anyone moved a puppy so quickly? It seems like she will of just settled and then she needs to start again when we move. Any advice?

    One more quick question: My parents have a 4 year old male and I would like to introduce them and hopefully start a little friendship. I'm not interested in mating them so I will desex our pup asap anyway. Any advice on that?

    Thanks everyone! Good to be on the board.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.

    When we first got Bella I think she was at that first house for 2-3 weeks before we moved house. She did fine with the move as did our other dog. They will generally be a bit on edge after a move being in a new environment etc. Try and keep their routine normal.

    I would introduce the two dogs on neutral territory. Being Labrador's I would say the older one should have no issues having a high energy pup around. But just keep an eye on them which I am sure you would. So long as the other dog is fully vaccinated and healthy you should be able to start socialisation straight away (instead of waiting until the last vaccinations are complete).

    Great to hear you will be desexing as well. There are far to many unwanted dogs in the world to justify bringing more in

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Thanks for that!
    My parents dog is a little full on sometimes, he's not aggressive he is just nosey and persistent.

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    Moving a new pup to new premises should not be a problem - as long her loving owners are going to be with her.

    There is really not that much that pups need in their lives - other than the basics of fresh water, food and shelter.

    But - if you want a really happy pup then have a look at this:


    As far as desexing your pup - I have never done the 6 month rule as far as vets are concerned. I understand that pounds and rescues have to desex much earlier - only because what they have to deal with.

    I wait until the growth plates have 'closed' and that generally does not happen until much later. All my pups, except for my BD now, were all desexed at approximately 2 years of age.

    As far as introducing anything new to your pup - I would suggest slowly, slowly. You don't say whether your parent's male is desexed - so I will assume - no.

    So have a look at this on this forum so you can understand more what your little girl will be going through at her different ages:

    Have fun !

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    Thanks a lot guys a massive help! I love those two links, the development calendar is very interesting.

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