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Thread: Puppy Eating Cat Mess

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    Every time I let Keesie and Kosmo out the front door, They would immediatly go hunting through the gardens sniffing for the little delicacies left by our feline friends...

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    LOL deerhound! At the dog who catches it as the cats does the business at hand! Oh gawd, yuk! LOL

    Leo is bad for eating possum poo! Its gross!

    I read once it can be due to a lack or fruit/veg in their diet and bascially they eat it for the need or essential nutrients, not sure how true that is though! But Leo doesnt eat alot of veg, he will eat capsicum, Peas and apple and carrot skin. When he was little he would eat bananas, tomotas, cooked sweet potato/potatoes and apple and carrot (Know will now only eat the skin of apple and carrot, not the actual fruit/veg itself!)

    Interested in others opinions? Any truth in this link to eating other animals doos and lack or nutrients in the diets?

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    Rosie eats her own mess
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