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    I have a 9 week old Beagle named Bella and I have had her for nearly two weeks now.

    When we got her from the Breeder she was grass trained but because we have a big backyard, I'm not comfortable to let her outside by herself until she is bigger. We have two litter trays with puppy pads and newspaper in it, one in our bedroom, one in our rumpus (we share with other people so these are the only areas in teh house she can go unsupervised). She rarely goes into the trays, even when we put her scent on tissues in there. and when she starts to get in the habit she loses it when i change the newspaper. I want to get her in the habit quick, because she is pretty smart.

    a second issue is that she bites a lot. i know she is teething and she has toys she can chew on but i can't hold her any more and have to watch her with my niece and nephew that i live with whenever they want to pat her. she also bites at our other pet (we actually think she learnt off the other pet first) and its starting to pee her off. my hands are getting covered in scratches from her and i need my hands because i work in a jewellery store where your hands are used to display items from time to time.


    She wakes up at 5am! both her and the other pet sleep in our bedroom on their own bed, but she wakes up at 5am whinging. My partner works shift work and I have university as well as a job so we enjoy our sleep. We have tried to put both animals in the rumpus, but they whinge when we shut the door on them of a night time. We put enya on and even put a heater in there on low. they have a hot water bottle in bed too so they're a tad spoilt in that sense.

    I just want to sleep, and make sure that my dog doesn't bite me when I toilet train her. I can't afford to take her to a puppy obedience school just yet.

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    I haven't had good experiences with puppy pads - I have a 7 month old pup, who when she came to us was pad trained. Problem was, she couldn't distinguish between the pads and any rugs or mats that were on the floor. Took us quite a while to get her to go outside instead.

    If you are worried about her getting lost in the yard, bring her out on her leash when she needs to toilet, you really should be present when she does it anyway so you can praise her and reward her for going in the right spot.

    As for sleeping, how much exercise does she get? You could try a good game or a romp in the garden before bed. If that doesn't work and she continues to wake at 5am (she's a baby, babies wake early!) give both dogs a filled kong or chew toy, something to keep them occupied while you go back to sleep.

    Biting - everytime she nips or mouths, yelp and walk away, game over, don't start again until she is calm. She will soon learn that when she bites, the fun stops.

    If you are worried about your garden being too large for a small pup, I suggest you invest in a dog run (or build one). Beagles are hounds, they enjoy sniffing out their surroundings, following trails - it will do her good to be out doors.

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    I know you need your sleep
    And i know that your hands should be pure and soft
    But you cant have those things, AND a 12 week old puppy. Thankfully, they do toilet train, they do stop biting, with persistence on your part. Using methods above.
    Bite inhibition where they bite, but dont hurt. A 'gentle' bite if you will comes first. then the full stop mouthing my hands, at around 16 weeks in my dogs. And they stop biting the person who is most consistent first. Which is darn annoying, if its not you.

    Toilet training pads: a word of caution..... it is very common for dogs trained in this way, not to differentiate between a pad, and a rug or other 'padded' surface. So will piss on your friends houses that have rugs too. Nice!
    the leash and training it to do its business on cue is the ticket, in same spot, every time. Or you'll be hanging outside for ages in the winter brrrrrrrr

    Welcome to the world of sleepless nights, and wet rugs. Temp.

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    Why can't she go outside, is it not fenced? And if it's not I would start fencing now as she's going to need room she's a scent hound.

    All pups bite, the especially bitey ones I don't try to pat etc, let them be, they are frustrated and hurting. Get chew toys or bones (if you can considering you have two dogs) so that it can break in it's new teeth.

    Remember you have only had this pup two weeks and already it's had a change of toilet routine in it's short life. Have patience it will come around.

    I'm not a lover of pee pads, I believe the best way to toilet train a puppy is to allow it access to a safe and secure yard.

    I live on 5 acres and breed whippets, my pups are using the outside to toilet from about 5 weeks of age, at first they stay near the house but as their confidence and familiarity with outside grow they like to go further from the house.

    My yard is fully dog secure, it's the law to properly contain a dog.

    Plus having to pee etc in a room where it's also expected to live and play goes against how dogs like to live. Do not dirty the den.

    Best of luck, pup is only young plenty of time for improvement.

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    She's 9 weeks old. They can't hang on all night until they're maybe 3 months old - you're going to need to set your alarm for 4am and take her out for toileting.

    I can't understand why you want her to use puppy pads either if your plan is to have her go outside. But you will need to do a lot more supervision. 9 weeks old. Remember? You wouldn't expect a 12 month old human baby to be house trained - so why do you expect it of a baby beagle.

    As for the biting - same thing. Puppies put everything in their mouths and their teeth are sharp. Little babies do the same thing. You have to teach her that the fun ends if she puts her teeth on you and bites. The way I did it with my puppy was to very gently push my hand into her mouth until she tired to spit me out - and then hold one more second and then let her spit me out. Ripping my hand away just got lots of bite marks and scrapes. ignoring or yelping didn't work for me either - unless I yelped REALLY LOUDLY. Ie the same noise as when you step on the puppy's tail by accident. And you have to combine this with refusing to play for a while.

    have to watch her with my niece and nephew that i live with whenever they want to pat her
    This is pretty much how it goes with any dog and children. ALWAYS SUPERVISE. Childen can be nasty savage cruel creatures and treat your puppy very badly - protect your puppy from children. Protect children from your puppy - your puppy's life depends on this. Given they are not your children - the only means of teaching them what is and isn't ok with your puppy is to take your puppy away if they don't do the right thing by it.

    PS you might want to read some of these threads for more ideas

    and this site
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    Hi and welcome to the forum
    You will find lots of great advice on here.
    Good luck with your new pup.

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    Hi 'BellaMouse' - also.

    Some more web sites that may be useful to you:

    K9 Pro The K9 Professionals; Online Dog Shop

    kikopup - YouTube

    Love, patience and consistency will work wonders with your pup ! Miracles take much longer !

    Have fun and enjoy your new pup !

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