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Thread: How can I be angry when I look at this face?

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    This is probably the last set of pics I can sneak in the puppy section but Pax has pretty much finished growing and with the cooler weather has grown the softest winter coat I have ever felt in any dog.
    She continues to mature both mentally an physically at a good rate. The only down side is when she is not on a walk she is now restricted to 20+meter dog run. the little minx has sussed out the Invisible dog fence and can literally climb fences so to stop her from scavenging the neighbor's farm for roo carcasses (My God she stinks afterwards lol) and hunting wild bunnies, we ran out of other options. Still she is fine and loves her walks and play time daily and as you can see wasting away

    Also a reminder to anyone looking to adopt a Dingo check your state and shire regulations. Only 2 states allow Dingos to be treated as domesticated dogs (WA and I think the other is SA) most others they are banned or at best it is something like $2,500 yearly permit to keep them. They are escape artists, require specialize diet, extremely trick to train, high strung, have high prey drives and are way to intelligent for their own good. Having said that if you can cope with those issues and your state/shire allows them they are extremely loyal, even tempered, friendly and special very special animals. And if socialized early they are awesome family dogs, yes even your babies should be safe :P

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    Those eyes look as though she is reading your mind!

    How does she behave inside the house now?

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