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Thread: Introducing Remy, and asking for some reassurance

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    The rules vary from state to state. I don't think SA has any specific anti puppy farm law. Or rules about puppy age, microchipping, vax and worming - not like NSW and QLD.

    If the breeder is registered with SACA (Dogssa) and ANKC with a prefix for her poodles then the code of ethics requires all these things.

    But Paul has indicated that while she said she was a previous champion show breeder of Keeshund - she's none of these things when it comes to poodles. And there are some extremely dodgy backyard poodle breeders in SA. Unfortunately.

    We did try to tell him what to check (Eg PRA dna tests and etc). But if people want a puppy right now - then it's often the dodgy breeders they go to - because those are the ones that always have puppies available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    Lots of great advice. All I can say is - relax a bit.

    With treats - don't forget how very tiny his stomach is - probably about teaspoon sized. So interest in treats will be limited. And the potential to disrupt nutrition is pretty high if he is filling up on treats all the time.
    Yes relax a bit!

    I had a chuckle about the lack of interest in treats and small stomachs, if you have ever had a cattle dog puppy you will know what I mean, they are like sharks in a feeding frenzy for food LOL. Our miniature poodle was much more delicate about food.
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