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Thread: Introducing a puppy to an adult cat

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    Very good idea to cut the cats claws, I was going to suggest that but seems you've already thought of it. Don't be surprised if your cat reacts differently to how you thought. I thought my cat would cope a lot better than he did, he'd been ok with a dog before but he flipped out a bit, took him a good 3-4 weeks to tolerate the dog and stop all the hissing and sideways fluffy tail poses. They're totally fine now and they're pretty good together but the dog still bugs the cat and the cat will get him into a headlock when he's had enough of being chewed on If you're going to see the pups before you get one I would suggest taking something with you to rub on the pup to get his scent so you can bring it home for the cat to check out and start to get used to. I found when introducing my two that the cat was a lot better when he was able to go anywhere in the house but the dog was confined to one room with a baby gate. That way the cat can observe from a distance and approach or not on her own terms when she's ready to investigate. Good luck! and just be patient, it will take a while for them to adjust.

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    haha oh I love the fluffy tail poses. My cat did that for a couple of days when we bought a rug. I guess she saw it as a threat!

    Thanks for the suggestion about the puppy's scent, I'll definitely do that.

    Also, the previous owners of our house left a dog kennel that was built in to a particular space and carpeted. My partner wants to keep that kennel and just re-decorate (ie. remove carpet and put new flooring in etc). Do you think this will be a problem for the puppy with being threatened perhaps? It still smells like their dog which was an adult male Staffy and I'm not sure if simply changing the flooring will remove that dog's smell.

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    I wouldn't worry about the other dog's smell. At first he will probably just find it interesting and then he'll just get used to it and eventually it will fade.

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