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Thread: need a name

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    Quote Originally Posted by findeb View Post
    Sometimes it's better to wait until you have the dog, then you can try calling her and see if she likes anything in particular or if you feel good calling that name out
    Which reminds me of the story of the lady who was determined to give her new kitten a name that wasn't common or boring. So she was delighted with the suggestion "Whoopee" and that became his name.

    But only until the first time she stood at the door of her second floor flat, calling "Whoopee! Whoppee!". The very next day the kitten became "Patch".

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    If you are still confused maybe this site will help you.

    Dog Names Introduction
    Nev Allen
    Border River Pet Resort

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    A special thanx to Nev Allen for

    Anyway cars are she's arn't they. High maintenance, expensive, have to be handled carefully, tempramental..............
    This is the reason I'm excited to announce her name is staying as GT

    Thanx all for your help

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